Business Umbrella Excess Liability Insurance

When It Rains, It Pours…

Especially when it comes to unexpected accidents or claims. Business umbrella excess liability insurance offers additional protection for your peace of mind. 

What is Business Umbrella Excess Liability Insurance?

As the name implies, this type of policy acts like an umbrella, providing protection against a wide range of potential financial dangers, and unforeseeable mishaps.

What exactly is covered by your umbrella policy depends on how you decide to set it up. In most cases, umbrella insurance protects you and your business from:

  • Injuries you or your employees cause in a car accident
  • Injuries someone suffers on your business property
  • Property damage you or your employees cause in an accident
  • Attorney fees and other legal costs if you’re sued

The terms of umbrella insurance policies will vary, depending on insurance companies, and your own business needs. 

Would your business benefit from Business Umbrella Excess Liability Insurance?

Actually, any business owner who expects to keep the income their business earns, could benefit from having an umbrella insurance policy.

What would happen, for example, if an employee causes a car accident while driving your company fleet vehicle, and injures several people.  The injured people will sue you, your employee, and your business.  Your Business Auto liability insurance kicks in, and pays up to its maximum limits. It is possible the jury could determine your business is responsible for an extra $500,000 over your Business Auto liability limits.

Without this coverage, not only can you lose what you worked for, you can lose part of your wages for the rest of your working life. 

Umbrella insurance covers the amount that exceeds your Business Insurance coverage, sparing you from a financial nightmare, along with paying the attorney to help you survive it. 

Are Business Umbrella Excess Liability Policies Expensive?

The cost is quite affordable and determined by:

  • The amount of coverage you purchase
  • Your insurance carrier’s provisions
  • Your risk profile and driving record of you and your employees

Business Umbrella insurance policy is a policy which will cover you, your business and your employees above and beyond what any single policy might cover.

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