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The trucking industry is huge in the United States now more than ever. Freight of varying dollars and goods are being transferred from one point to another by means of transportation on our highways.  With many of the risks ever changing, insurance companies have adapted to meet the various needs of the trucking industry, both large and small.  

Protection For Your Business 

Depending on your trucking operation, a variety of insurance plans may be necessary to protect your business, your employees, and your freight/cargo.  

Commercial Auto Liability is available for truckers and businesses hauling and/or transporting their own goods in their own vehicles. Commercial auto liability can help pay for damages to property, medical bills, and injuries to others for at-fault accidents.  This coverage is vital for the tractors and trucks you own to be on the highway and protects your business. 

Motor Carrier Coverage Form should be purchased by any business that transports property or goods on behalf of others in exchange for a fee, using vehicles owned by someone else or a combination of vehicles owned and not owned.  This form is broad enough to include common carriers, contract carriers, and private carriers.  

Physical Damage is available for your tractor or truck's collision insurance and comprehensive insurance, which means it provides coverage for damages caused by vandalism, fire and theft.  

General Liability or Commercial General Liability can help cover your buisness with claims resulting in injuries or property damange.  If you are not a for-hire trucker or motor carrier, this may be the coverage your business needs. 

Motor Truck General Liability is a coverage available for for-hire truckers, where it pays for property damange or bodily injuries resulting from at-fault trucking incident while not operating a vehicle or truck you own. 

Property Insurance is available protection on a terminal, hub, or home base where your business is physically located.  It provides protection for equipment used in business, including computers.  *Laptops and other mobile devices used in business only may be covered under an Inland Marine policy if utilized in the field only. 

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance provides legal liability coverage for truckers, whether common or contract, while they are transporting property of others.  The policy protects the insured (trucker) and the covered property (cargo). Contracts must be reviewed for legal liability -- who is transporting what, where, how and when. 

Bobtail Insurance is liability only insurance policy which offers protection for you while you are under dispatch, have dropped a trailer and are returning to pick up another load and have an accident.  

Workers Compensation is recommended to protect your truckers and employees' medical bills and care while injured on the job.  Some states may require this insurance protection.  

Cyber Liability Insurance is recommended as most all transactions are now done online, and a cyber breach or attack could shut down your business temporarily or even an extended amount of time.  Consider all the information you manage with a computer and how your business would be effected if a breach occurred.  Or consider if freight were stolen by a fake company, could you come back from a $50,000 cargo loss? 

Group Benefits is optional, but a good resource to offer your employees life insurance, and medical opportunities, including dental and vision.  

We Make It Simple

Every trucking business is different -- the type of cargo you haul, the size, number of employees-- will have an impact on the type of protection you need.  

We can help make finding the right insurance plan for your trucking business simple. 

Contact Consultative Insurance Group's knowledgeable Business Insurance Sales Associates today or request a quote and we will be happy to reach out to you at a time which is convenient for you.  

We look forward to working with you and creating a plan through our consultative insurance buying process which benefits your business.  

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