Roger Williams

"Love Consultative - best agency ever."

Valorie Onley

"Personal service. Caring agent.  Always returns calls promptly."

Beverly Roeble

"Everyone there treats us individually.  You take the time to know me.  When I get an answering machine, my call is returned quickly."

Marilyn Neff

"I enjoy working with Tammy Holton.  She is efficient, friendly and always deals effectively with my needs and requests. She is a treasure."

Sharra Atanasoff

"I rated you a 10 because I appreciate how attentive you are and how quickly our needs are met. Thank you."

Robert Hayes

"Good response and accurate answers with insight."

Progressive Urban Property Management, LLC

"Very fast and responsive.  I got coverage in 2 days."

Joseph Corrigan

"We love our agents, Kathe and Tammy! We've been with them probably 30 years and they have always provided great service for us as well as our children as they have grown and are out on their own.  It's like talking to a good friend or family member who truly care about us and our needs."

Ann Reichle 

"Excellent swift response to questions and situations."

Mary Hogan

"Excellent service. Responsive to clients."

Ronald Hongosh

"Professional personnel who take the time to get you the right coverage for the best rate possible.  Incredibly skilled staff."

Rachel Burnstein

"Great friendly service."

Joel Savoca

"Knowledgeable quick response and friendly."

Jane Daberkow

"Good service.  Great agent Kathe DiMatteo."

Mark Leclair

"Tony always anticipates our needs and is proactive."

Joanne Setele

"Quick callback and quick service."

Jeffrey Berry

"Your agents have been the best."

John Swygert

"Very helpful. Always friendly."

Sharra Atanasoff

"Mary always takes time to provide the immediate attention that we at times require.  Thank you."