Jack Kucler

"Kathe DiMatteo is the finest insurance agent I have ever known.  Our daughter referred us to contact Kathe over 10 years ago.  Kathe is a 10 in my book.  She is a forward thinker."

Daniel Wambua

"Vickie Williams, she is very helpful and caring.  She is always happy and ready to help."

Dawn Haskins

"Paul is a good guy and always gets back to me quick!!."

Deanna Mushat

"Great service!"

David Bothwell

"Agents are very friendly and helpful.  I appreciate recommendations for ways of saving money on insurance.  I especially appreciate that they always return calls promptly."

Abby Jax

"The people are awesome and the couple times I needed service they were right on point."

Robert McGrady

"Everyone at Consultative is awesome.  My contact is Vickie Williams who is as much a friend as she is a professional.  I would recommend anyone --call her.  Get a quote. See for yourself."

Joseph Weston

"I rated this company a 10 because I trust the people and connections I have built overtime as a loyal committed member.  I have peace and prosperity to know my valuable items are protected and if I ever have any concerns they are always here to help."

Scott Phillips

"This office has always treated us like family.  We feel they have our best interest at heart and when a problem arises, where we need to use their services above the usual, the staff here has stepped up beyond measure."

James Sekerak

"Great customer service switching over from Nationwide.  Wish more feedback on lowering premiums every now and then."

Nadine Young

"I have always loved the company. My Father picked this one out.  It is beautiful and very fair."

Fred Lewis

"We love our local agent Kathe DiMatteo.  She has always been professional and so personable.  She also has a great staff. Have been with her for over 39 years.  Before her, we had her mom. The apple did not fall far from the tree.  What a great family they are."

Brian Milla

"You guys do a great job. Thanks."

Patricia Schrull

"I am paying less in insurance on my house and my car."

Roger Ezelle

"Yvonne is a fine representative of your company.  She is helpful, kind and honest."

Michael Rutz

"Obviously lower rates mean everything.  Everything was very easy to set up and finish also."

Trudy Merzlikar-Holt

"The "firm" treats clients in a very personal and caring manner.  Always courteous and willing to take time to answer questions/concerns."

Roca Masonry LLC 

"Very professional people."

George Shafer

"The way I'm treated by staff.  They call when I'm late."

Carolyn Matlock

"Michelle you listen to me, and always make sure we are up to date on insurance information and you help me so much over the years."

Annie Holmes

"Yvonne is a real nice and pleasant person.  She was a good help today and helped me file a claim.  I thank her for her help."

Kate Flaherty

"The company I work for has been with them for several years.  They are knowledgeable and responsive to what we need.  Kristina Hartson, our account manager, is awesome to work with.  Thanks for your great service."

Preservation Station

"Susan always gets the answers to all my many inquiries.  She is always most pleasant, and efficient.  Great agent!"

Richard "Mark" Ayer Sr.

"Thru my years with Nationwide, Mrs. Vickie Williams and her office has always helped me with my problems or issues.  They make you feel and treat you like part of their family.  I am very happy to be a Nationwide customer! Vickie, thank you for being there for me when I need help or when I have questions."

Natasha Bozovic

"Vickie Williams is always helpful and professional."

Tim Ruese

"Kathe is awesome and has always been excellent with us.  Kathe understands who we are and what our needs for insurance are."

Cynthia Kelly

"Paul has been working with me for 10+ years helping me to meet my insurance coverage needs at an affordable rate."

Timothy Alspach

"Kathe and Tammy do a great job with my policy....I wouldn't switch because of them."

Sheila Robinson

"For the time we have been with Nationwide the consultants have been great.  They are always there to help.  Mary will tell you I call her about any questions; she gets right on it.  Now we have Honor Taylor.  She is just like Mary.  No question is a dumb question and I really appreciate that.  If you look at my age,  you can see I'm not a spring chicken anymore and my husband and I, both need and appreciate all the help which has been given to us.  When I had an accident and it wasn't our fault, the company was really there to help us. Looking forward to staying with the company. "

John Aylward

"Responsive, knowledgeable."

Christin Coughlin

"Very kind and friendly.  Helped me through the process of getting insurance for the first time.  I was clueless! Never made me feel stupid for asking questions.  Highly recommend."

Thomas Burke

"You helped me."

Deneen King

"I have been with Nationwide Insurance for forty years.  I think that speaks for itself."

Kathleen Kern

"Everyone in the office is very helpful - if they don't know the answer to a question, they find someone that can help!!!"

Bob Rice

"Kristine, you were extremely helpful in assisting us with our liability insurance renewal.  You made the process easier than it has ever been. Thanks so much!"

David McDermott

"Efficient-friendly-always there when we need you!"

Brook McCraw

"Kristine has been amazing with helping us.  She has answered every question I had and went above and beyond if she couldn't answer it."


"Just a quick note to let you know what EXCELLENT hands I was in on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 when an enormous 100 year old, 90 foot tree decided to rot at it's base and crash across my house - just 4' from my bed!  It was 5:20 a.m. - and it was by far the scariest, loudest moment anyone would ever imagine for in his lifetime! The firemen and police were explicit in telling me 3 things that should be done: They would call CEI and have the huge, snowy pine boughs removed from all the wires. Call my insurance company immediately.  Go to a hotel until safety was secured.  And that is why I am writing to you.  I emailed my 2 favorite Consultative professionals, Kathy and Kathe.  It was too early to call, so I emailed an emergency request for help. Seconds after I hit "enter", Team Kathy(e) were on the phone to me, calming me down, reassuring me, and opening my claim for me.  They were my friends and my confidants then, as they have been for many years. Platinum Restoration and Out of a Limb both arrived at my home SAME DAY to secure my safety and begin the process of tree removal and repair.  They fought through high winds, and the 18" of wet, heavy, snow that fell that day at my house in the snow belt.  Nationwide's adjuster, Tyler Carrell, arrived the very next morning all the way from Columbus, despite the continuing snowy weather.  The immediate coordination of help was amazing. Team Kathy(e) have followed up numerous times with me this month since the crashing tree, with emails, phone calls and texts.   Even Ron called me immediately! No one, but no one, could ever have experienced such wonderful care and assistance from any Insurance Company."

Kristi Klingman

"Kristina is my contact at Consultative Insurance.  I'm in contact with her sometimes 4-5 times per week mostly for Certificates of Insurance.  She's always prompt with getting things to me.  She is really easy to work with and I'm glad she's our main contact."

Jane Whaley 

"Insurance is not easy or friendly, and it's hard to find a responsive agent.  Susan and Julie always respond to our inquiries and have a way of putting our fears at ease.  She has even come out to our house during a claim situation."

Peter Makris 

"Susan, Thanks for helping us reduce the rates of our home and auto insurance.  It's also been a pleasure to work with you guys for the last ten years."

Meri & Tim Almond 

"I just wanted to say thank you for saving the day yet again by helping me with Katherin's policy.  Susan Jones is the best insurance agent in the Carolinas!"

Katherin Almond

"I came to Susan looking to purchase car insurance for the first time, and she was extremely helpful! She helped me to figure out what coverage I needed, and made sure it was in my price range.  She responded to all phone calls and emails quickly, as well as was able to get me covered quickly.  She is super sweet, and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for insurance!"

Sandra Saponari

"Tony has always been helpful when I have to reach out."

James Shea

"I give you a ten because you have always kept me informed.  You found the most cost effective method to meet my insurance needs and because anytime I call, anyone who answers the phone is pleasant and willing to help."

Samantha Wallace

"Members of this insurance team provide prompt responses to my questions and concerns.  Additionally, they seek ways to save their clients money by keeping you abreast of rate changes, etc."

Mel Belle Investments, LLC

"I absolutely love Mrs. Vickie and the personalized service that I have always received from Nationwide!!  Wouldn't dare go anywhere else and I recommend Nationwide to everybody."

Jacob Wacker 

"They are speedy at responding to questions and creative with meeting my needs."

Wayne Powers

"I have been a customer of this agency for 45 years.  They have suited my needs in a professional way."

Terri Watts

"Great customer service!"

Ernest Crouch

"Everybody there is so nice, so considerate and very helpful.  They give me what I want for my dollar and I appreciate that."

Rachel Dahler

"Kathe DiMatteo is always so nice, personable and you really get the sense that she is doing what's best for you."

Leon Driggers

"All the girls--Cheryle, Yvonne, and Vickie--are just so nice and great to work with.  They are there when I need them.  My whole family was insured with their agency.  Even my Mom and Dad, when they were alive, were insured here.  They are the lovinging-ist group of people to work with.  I love the personal service I get when I call -- they call me by name "Hi Leon."

Dawn Martin

"I knew from the first day I met her, I wanted Tammy to be my agent.  She is kind and has a great personality.  She helps me with EVERYTHING! She does a great job of taking care of me -- and she has to stay with your agency forever!"

Thomas Genutis

"Quick and courteous response to claims and concerns."

Kathryn Johnson

"Enjoy working with Mary."

Sandy Quast, Owner of Coastal Haven Counseling, LLC

"Having an insurance agent you can trust and count on is someone you not only need in your corner but WANT in your corner.  That insurance agent is Susan Jones of Consultative Insurance Group.  I have both my business and personal insurance with Susan and her service to her customers far surpass any other agency I have dealt with.  What a relief to have Susan on my side!"

Cecilia Evans

"Susan is a very responsive agent.  She is able to assist me with personal or with the non-profit where I am a board member.  Thank you for your responsiveness and professionalism."

Anita Bacchi

"I want to thank Susan for her personal service last week during the crisis of my daughter's accident.  She truly went above and beyond what any insurance agent would do.  As a mother and a client, I thank her for being with my daughter till I got there and talking me thru all of the insurance process.  She truly made a difficult time much easier to get through."

Beverly Drake

"Offer of many options.  Pleasant agents to work with."

Susan Jones

"After several hard claim years, this agency was able to get my home and car together for better pricing.  Extensive knowledge of the policies and how to best protect my family."

Mireya Casas

"I have been buying insurance in different places, one day I went into the Consultative Insurance Group office in Carolina Forest, Myrtle Beach, SC.  I met Mrs. Susan Jones, a very nice lady and her acknowledgement about insurance surprised me.  She is sweet and patient.  Her prices are competitive with the market."

Cindy Wise

"Vickie Williams is the best employee and she should get the recognition! She is great and has helped both me and my son over the years. She is a very valued person. When I have problems, I call her and she helps me through the problems and makes me lose the stress. I can't say enough good things about her!"

Karen Kolker

"Tammy has always answered my questions, handled renewals, endorsements, all the many services needed with my insurance policies.  She has always been professional, friendly, and has provided excellent customer service."

Philip Bacchi

"I want to thank Susan Jones for taking the time with me and going over my policies.  I did not realize there were things that were not covered.  I am happy Susan was recommended to me and am rather pleased by switching to your agency.  I look forward to working with you."

Harriet Russell

"Kathe DiMatteo and her team are prompt, professional, and personable.  They update me regularly and if I have questions, I get detailed, honest answers and options to move forward. I have been with them for 20 years and plan to continue for years to come."

Elizabeth Ruese

"Kathe has been awesome with us for decades. We have been a Nationwide family since I was 16, she and her mom before her have NEVER let me down.  Good solid rates with excellent personal service keeps me coming back."

Robert Gerba

"Susan Jones is the BEST."

Bonnie Ciulla 

"There is coverage on everything we need, if we need it.  The service is tremendous and the people are great!"

Russell Rybicki 

"You are helpful 100% of the time, and we know you will take care of our insurance needs."

Raymond Jones 

"The staff is highly professional and knowledgeable."

Jacob Wacker Jr. 

"Good communication"

Louis Buttitta

"Responsiveness, and personal attention, with care."

Fred Lax 


Wanda Austin

"I have always received excellent service whenever I call with questions or concerns. Thank you."

Robin Wall 

"Very thorough, knowledgeable and responsive!"

Vincent Sagan

"Her advice on insurance helps me to be adequately protected."

Industrial Ventilation Systems, LLC

"Joe and his team make working with Consultative easy."

S&S Coastal Enterprises

"Did a fabulous job to find us the same coverage for less."

Deborah Scheer

"Good customer service."

Annie Lewis

"Very attentive and follow through is excellent.  Kathe in particular is a joy to work with.  She is a true professional and you can tell she cares; exceptional customer service.  Very much appreciated."

Gerald Henry

"Personal service, reasonable pricing."

Harriet Russell

"Good and immediate customer service with individualized attention."

Carolyn Kelly

"You do it fine.  My people are out of state."

Shelby Price 

"My agent Vickie Williams always helps me with my insurances.  She is very considerate and knowledgeable."

Alan Anderson

"Always helpful and extremely professional and polite."

BR Brick Pavers

"Susan Jones keeps us updated and helps out every time when needed.  Thank you Susan Jones."

Gregory Drager

"Very responsive to questions."

Yasein Ganim

"From Michelle to Vickie, I cannot say enough good about your company."

Delouise Drayton

"Yvonne is a wonderful child.  That team is so helpful to me. They are there when they are needed -- through thick and thin.  We hope they will always be around!"

Leuenberger's Master Cleaners & Dryers, Inc. 

"They do exactly what an insurance company needs to do for their clients.  They were very quick to care for a claim I had a few years ago.  Excellent service."

Samantha Ridgeway

"Vickie Williams came highly recommended when I needed to purchase insurance for my home. She did not disappoint!  She was super professional and very responsive to me until the purchase was complete.  Later, when I needed auto insurance, she came through for me again! I will always recommend her from now on."

Kenneth Feldt

"It goes all the way back to where you stuck up for me when the adjuster said the flooding wasn't covered.  That and you covered the downing of a tree.  Thanks Ron."

Heidi O'Neill

"Always helpful, always available, and always willing to figure something out--no matter what it is."

Laurel Sanford

"Always available and helpful.  It's a family like business."

Theodore Blank Jr. 

"Always friendly, helpful and feel you're watching out for me.  I trust you."

Mike Marincic

"I wanted to extend my appreciation on behalf of Tammy Holton.  I filed a home insurance claim back in August 2020 regarding roof damage sustained due to severe wind.  There was countless back and forth between myself and the Nationwide claims representative/estimator.  The initial estimate was not representative to the actual damages sustained.  My contractor adamantly voiced his concerns, to which I relayed on to the claims rep/estimator.  Eventually I contacted Tammy a week ago (early November 2020) to voice my frustrations as no repairs were able to be performed due to the inadequate initial estimate.  Within a week of my call to Tammy, the claim rep/estimator revised the estimate based on what my contractor and I had been trying to explain all along.  It appears the repair process can now finally commence.  Tammy made the effort to actively listen to my concerns.  Additionally, she followed-up with me in a timely manner on multiple occasions.  I appreciated her assistance and empathetic attitude during my follow-up calls with her.  She was one of the few individuals who I actually felt was on my side during this process."

Garrial Hayes

"Yvonne is an outstanding agent.  I've been forever with Nationwide and want to thank you guys.  I've had one claim this year, and Yvonne helped me, making it a breeze.  I have nothing negative to say -- just smooth sailing.  Yvonne is a jewel to me.  If I have any problems, I just call up Yvonne and she helps me. 'She needs a raise.'"

Jeffrey Schaefer

"I have been a satisfied client of Nationwide Ins for 53 years.  They have always been prompt in answering my questions or taking care of our insurance needs.  The office staff, specifically Tammy, are professional and friendly.  Kathe DiMatteo, our agent, has always had our best interests in mind when helping us to insure our risk.  We encourage you to give them a call and see how well you are treated.. You'll be glad you did."

Wendy Cullinan

"Help save money."

James Ulman

"Kathe DiMatteo and her team...the best!"

Anthony Kozlowski

"When a person takes care of families the way Kathe does...the way she has cared for my family for now generations well come on man."

Barry Kind

"Prompt courteous action."

Joey McKinney

"Anytime I have called I get my questions answered quickly and efficiently. I feel like they do a good job and I appreciate it.  I like to use my agent by name: Vickie Williams."

Kevin Lardie 

"Joe Lardie cares and is hard working."

Karen Russell, Howard Hanna

"You guys are the best!"

Andrea Stegall

"Victoria was very attentive to our needs and saved our company thousands in worker's comp insurance.  Highly recommended."

Acy Suber Jr.

"No one is perfect and I believe there is always room for improvement.  I have been with the company since I was 14, 60 years ago and I never would have stayed if I had not been satisfied.  Vickie makes herself available and is never too busy to answer a question or go an extra mile to make sure I understand."

Mauricio Gonzalez

"Honor is very helpful and responsive."

Kathleen Hegyi 

"Kathe is always available for questions, concerns, and she quickly responds to claims."

Ernest Dalton Jr.

"I love Nationwide."

Jeffrey Schaefer 

"It's important to work with people who really care about you and your family.  I've been with Kathe and her Mom for 53 years.  They've been there through the ups and downs of my life experience.  Thanks for being there."

Daniel Stieber

"We are new to your group.  Too soon to comment. So far good."

Anthony King

"I love them! They are better than family."

Anita Bacchi, General Manager of Water's Edge Resort, Inc.  

"Susan is extremely helpful and very responsive to our company's needs."

Michael Perko

"Kathe and team are always responsive.  Been working with her for many, many years.  Always recommend her to others.  The other Mike."

Angel Belton  

"Company is full of Fairy Insurance God-Mothers -- they go above and beyond to keep you and your loved ones safe for as low of a monthly payment that you qualify for.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM."

Karen Poole 

"Anytime I have contacted Vickie Williams with a question or an issue, she responds very quickly."

Randal Radtke

"Anytime I have an issue with my insurance, I have always been taken care of with positive results."

Mary Fisher 

"Prompt and immediate response to problems, frequent follow-ups to check status, treating customers with kindness and respect."

Land Design Consultants, Inc. 

"Happy with the insurance and Joe Lardie, its representative."

Susan Borrmann 

"I absolutely love working with Miss Vickie.  Always helpful. It's been a pleasure and I would not want to work with anyone else."

Pamela Koon

"I have always had good service."

Don Carroll

"Susan is the BEST!!"

Alexander Tsyaston

"Professional, knowledgeable, efficient."

Daniel Johnson 

"Never had an issue.  Two claims in 20 years with Nationwide.  Always took care of the problem."

Thomas Brilla 

"Friendly service and always there when needed. Great values."

Mitchell Surman 

"Without exaggeration Ron...Working with you, Kindra and your team is and always will be an honor.  It takes a great deal of patience and consistent work ethics to come up with the perfect customer satisfaction, which through the years proven to be excellent combination of giving our family the greatest piece of mind when it comes to our insurance security.  With every corner we may take through the years, I know you--Ron and Kindra and the Nationwide-team will always be right behind us with our  best interest.  And for that my friend on behalf of both of us, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Stay safe - the Surman family."

Juan Velasco 

"So far you guys doing good."

Kenneth Brown 

"Always helpful when you call for assistance."

Thomas Szaller 

"I've had Nationwide Insurance for homeowners, cars, umbrella,  life, etc., for over 45 years and they have come to my aid every time I needed them.  I wouldn't change for anything.  Some other companies try to offer cheaper insurance prices, but Nationwide has always and still do try to give me the best possible prices.  They go over it every year with me and try to cut costs with new options."

Sue Neff 

"Michelle is excellent.  She is detailed, thorough and helpful.  ALL my questions and concerns have always been answered quickly and resolved."

James Bonner 

"The staff is very friendly and always there for assistance to help keep my insurance needs up to date."

Linda Taylor 

"I have received offers from many other companies; but, I cannot give up Consultative--simply because GREAT people work there; responses come within a reasonable amount of time; answers to questions are always true and helpful; problems are solved equitably.  Susan Jones,  always make me feel important.  What better results can I expect."

Dolores Cherry

"Knowledgeable, courteous, and always available when needed."

Patricia Fenner 

"I've been with Kathe DiMatteo's office for over 30 years and she is a wonderful agent.  She always answers my questions immediately and I feel that she makes her customers her top priority.  I would never change to another insurance company."

Gwen Scott

"Vickie Williams is the best!!!"

Marie Edwards 

"They settled my claim quickly and without agent was knowledgeable and accessible...Thank you Nationwide!."

Ryan Smith

"Great agency that puts customers first."

John Lazar 

"Kathe DiMatteo is very responsive and always looks for ways to help her customers."

Karen Brown

"Vickie helps me with any questions I have and finds the best price."

Larry Brown 

"I've always been satisfied with the company and my insurance agent."

Alexis Musgrave 

"Professional, caring, helpful, always available, informative and kind! Good prices too!"

Arline Skoll 

"Michelle is great."

David Wolf 

"This company has been very good when I had a problem."

Donna Kandah 

"Always courteous and quick to take care of my business rates. Reasonable and quick to handle claims and to let me know what needs to be done.."

Margaret Wadsworth

"Best customer service of any insurance on the beach."

John Conner

"The name of the game is Service and KATHE DIMATTEO and her team are #10."

Victor Mushat

"Superior service and I have been with them for years!"

Sandra Fialkowski 

"Honor is always helpful and explains everything.  She always seems to have my best interest at heart."

James Blanchard

"The company is easy to work with and have a great attention to detail.  They communicate often and clearly.  I appreciate all of the partnership when dealing with insurance."

The Annex Group, Inc. 

"Very good customer service."

Rodolfo Novesteras 

"Our agent is always approachable, and helps with our inquiries. The company is reliable."

John Chester Jr. 

"I like Ron and we have never had a problem."

Christopher Delly

"Susan was professional, knowledgeable and provided me with several very reasonable quotes, one of each ultimately worked for me."

Samantha Ridgeway

"Vickie is so great and helpful! Took care of my new policy within hours from start to finish! I'm a fan!"

Celso Martinez

"Porsubuena atención y servicio muy buen modo para atender ala jente y su amabilidad de 10."

Association of Brooklyn Firefighters

"Kristina has always been very helpful and willing to answer questions and make sure we get the right coverage at a great rate!"

Charita Smith

"I like working with my agent, Tony Bester.  He is very knowledgeable about home and auto insurance.  When I make an insurance request, he works very hard to resolve my insurance issues quickly."

Mary Peters

"Chris is very helpful and timely!"

Larry Vance

"Good home town service."

Anna Schieferle

"Kathe DiMatteo is excellent! She has been my agent for 20 years."

Judith Mauer

"Everyone is so helpful."

Cynthia Green

"Never had any problems."

Roberto Caraballo

"Always have  good experiences.  Very friendly and informative."

Michael Allen

"Knowledgeable, kind and helpful staff."

Christopher Delly

"They are the BEST!"

Susanna Desorgo

"I called my agent, Kathe DiMatteo, and received excellent, hands-on service.  Kathe's concern for me personally and then what was best for me vis-a-vis product was evident in the way she left no "stone unturned" to help me.  I appreciated her responsiveness and care in handling my requests." 

Estelle Allen

"Because of wonderful people, beautiful personality.  They will look for the best coverage for you and is quick getting back to you."

Carol Chervenak-Baird

"Susan is the ultimate professional.  She showed us all of our options and explained everything thoroughly."

John Ault

"I've been with Kathe for a long time.  She and her staff do a tremendous job in providing excellent customer service.  I've never had a problem getting a task completed."

Patricia Allen 

"I can usually talk to someone immediately without having to leave a message.  They care and make you feel like you are their only customer and they take the time to follow up."

Thelma Hartley

"I love this group as they are my Extended Family and they treat me like Family!! Thanks for all you do to make me feel safe with my Insurance choices."

Deborah Sullivan

"Kathe is the best! Professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and always advises based on a client's best interest."

Irene Karaplis

"Your staff are very knowledgeable and helpful."

Larimee Cortnik

"Very helpful and knowledgeable."

Adrienne Rawls

"Consultative Insurance Group is very diligent about accommodating and helping their clients to the best of their ability, to make sure they are satisfied."

David Lowry

"Susan Jones was very responsive and kept communication lines open and efficient.  Thank you!"

James Blanchard

"Very helpful with my insurance needs. Great customer service."

Sandy Quast

"The ladies at Consultative Insurance Group are very friendly, knowledgeable and professional.  We are very happy with their product and services."

Bill Boonstra, Bluestone Perennials 

"Timely answers, attention to detail, professional, and fun to interact with.  Very easy to do business with them.  They check all the boxes for what we look for."

Luther Williams

"Very professional.  Everyone needs to give their team a call."

Erik Weimer,  Miracle Paint and Landscape, LLC

"I rate Consultative Insurance Group a 10 because of Joe Lardie.  He was very helpful and most importantly patient because I am a small business trying to make an impact on the industry.  He answered my questions and was easy to talk with.  Thanks Joe!"

Thomas Smith

"The Consultative Insurance Group is always on top of things, from call back about any concerns to finding the ideal insurance to fit your needs."

Beth Bilbrey

"I am always able to get the coverage I need with Consultative Insurance Group!"

Victoria Mowery

"Kathe is the best!."

Wayne Powers Sr. 

"I have been a customer of Consultative Insurance Group for over 32 years.  I have never had any kind of issue with this organization."

Ruth Marshall 

"I have been with Consultative Insurance Group for many years -- great A+ customer service!"

Lloyd Goldman

"Michelle is always helpful and answers our questions in a timely fashion."

Richard Bischof

"I love your services and people; prices are a little high, seems like they go up every year, but I have been a customer for 46 years."

Randi Urbansky

"It gives us a sense of security to have all our insurance needs met by Consultative Insurance Group."

Joyce Shirley

"Very, very knowledgeable when it is time to renew my policy. Michelle is at the top when I see or talk with her.  Continue the excellent work, Michelle."

John Mulvihill

"We have always been treated well by Nationwide Insurance and the Consultative Insurance Group.  I would absolutely recommend them to anyone that would ask me."

Charleen Soloky

"I really like my insurance agent, Vickie, and she always takes good care of my needs."

Bernard Peroni Jr

"Kathe has been great to work with and takes care of all my needs."

Little Italy Wines

"Competitive pricing and quick responses to questions."

Daniel Carrabine

"The agency is responsive to our insurance needs and easy to deal with."

Mark Smith

"Quick assistance when needed, especially seasonal with car storage or bringing a new car home."

Marie Dockins

"Knowledgeable and untangles my confusion on what insurance coverage I need to fit my specific situation."

Jeremy Lechner

"Called ahead of time with new and better policy options."

Dynlene Black 

"I like the newsletters that you send out, especially during this season of remote working." 

Martin Lipka

"I have not had a problem with the company nor Nationwide."

Carol Owsiak 

"Whenever I needed help, Paul always put me in the right direction as to what needed to be done! Thank heavens I haven't had any accidents but years ago when I did, Paul helped me and everything seemed to go smoothly!"

Cristina Quiaoit

"Our agent was so accommodating and respond quickly with regards to my inquiries and was truly working hand in hand."

Distribution Data Inc. 

"Joe is very knowledgeable as well as easy to work with."

Ann Dearlove

"Easy to work with and very helpful."

Karen Seeholzer

"I recently had several very productive and helpful interactions with Kathe DiMatteo.  She is well informed and very good at what she does.  Great job!"

Melissa Newton DBA Absolute Cleaning

"Very helpful when I have needed them.  Super sweet people."

Denise Lovorn

"Susan made sure I have the insurance that was the best fit for me!"

Michelle Sommer

"Mary was very helpful and thorough.  I was able to make an informed decision to change insurance carriers based on her quotes."

Carl Herron

"Susan was so easy to work with.  She's very personable, knowledgeable and helpful.  Her search for new policies for us saved us several hundred dollars.  THANK YOU!"

Ron Seeholzer

"I was losing hope and then Kathe called me.  I had worked with her prior to her joining Consultative Insurance Group.  She worked on my accounts and we have a good rapport."

Le Mon Jones

"Great customer service and the lowest prices I've seen in ten years."

Kenneth Urbansky

"CIG is everything one could ask for.  Good coverage, good advice, friendly people, no hassles."

Kathleen Duszynski

"Been with this group for many, many years and always got great service."

Carl Herron

"Working with Susan was a pleasure.  Real personable and knowledgeable.  She got us rates that saved us a lot of money.  She made the whole process so easy."

Meredith Skidmore

"Vickie Williams is the best.  Within minutes, she added a new vehicle and gave me a new rate.  Then emailed my proof of insurance."

Nathaniel Boyd

"Kathe knows her stuff and is the best to work with."

James Bartholomew

"You have been there through the years with friendly and understanding service."

Scott Steyer

"Been with you for 30 years.  No need to change now."

Tammie Barnhill

"Better price."

Manuel Flooring, LLC

"Susan is always very helpful."

Kilkee Investments, LLC

"Speed, professionalism, results."

Johnny Fryar

"Cheryle is a great person to work with."

Attila Laszlo

"Have been with them for years.  They are a great company and very reliable.  Always get back to you right away when you need something, and expedite it with a quickness.  Couldn't be happier."

Victoria Conner

"Couldn't be happier with our new home insurance.  Relationships are still in fashion at Consultative Insurance Group.  Give them a call!"

Michael Kelley

"Kathe and her staff are very professional! Always offers cost saving options."

Imad Kommi

"I'm so happy with you guys. Thank you."

Christopher Wargo

"Vickie goes above and beyond to help."

Laura Irace-Fulton

"You are wonderful."

Deborah Davis

"I stayed with Nationwide because of VickieVickie always goes above and beyond.  Vickie knows exactly what I need.  She returns my calls in a timely manner.  Vickie is just the best---and she truly cares about me.  She always asks about my family and how I am. Other insurance companies have nice people working for them, but they don't have Vickie."

Lillie Brown

"I have been with Nationwide Insurance since 1998.  I am loyal to Nationwide and their agents.  In my experience, I have found the agents to be nice, explain coverages, courteous, kind, and patient. Kathe DiMatteo has a good manner, she is a good person, and she is patient.  I love Nationwide."

Terence Sotak

"Always there for you."

Antoinette Cicora

"Good relationship with Michelle Sharp.  She is always very, very helpful when I have any questions."

Catherine Bouyounan

"Answered all my questions on a level that was easy to understand."

Dustin Ventura

"Susan was wonderful to work with.  She was patient while I asked questions and was very helpful and knowledgeable.  I truly feel she wanted to see the best for me."

Darlene Rikard

"Great company and agent--Vickie Williams goes above and beyond and gets the job done! Been with her for several years.  She is thoughtful, kind, and is always pleasant.  She's a keeper!!"

Wendy Generette

"As a long time client, I can honestly say that any staff that I've ever had to work with on my insurance affairs in the Columbia SC office have all been very friendly, caring and helpful.  Mrs. Vickie Williams is super awesome and always goes the "extra mile" to ensure I get the best products! The awesome customer service given by Vickie Williams alone, deserves a 100! She always seeks for better options for her customers and will not just settle on the 1st thing available.  The rest of the staff in the Columbia SC office are just as helpful and everyone is friendly, approachable and caring."

Buic Business Environment, Inc.

"Whatever my needs are, it gets taken care of right away.  They have a very good team there."

Tommie Robertson

"Kathe has earned my loyalty through many years of excellent customer service.  The rates are highly competitive and I feel valued as a loyal customer.  What is priceless for me is that I have a personal representative who I can call and talk with, and this person and her office knows me, my family, my history, and she will listen to my questions and concerns and respond thoughtfully.  I really do feel they are on my side."

Allen Barnette

"They do a great job."

Susan Lockshine

"Michelle is always available to answer my questions and help clear up any confusion I might have.  And, if she is not immediately available, I get a call back very quickly. Whenever I have called in, I have always had a quick response to my question. If there are additional details which are necessary to make a decision, Michelle has always be available to discuss the problem and explain the ramifications of all aspects of the answers and has been available to discuss any problems which might crop up. Excellent service; Professional; Responsive , and Good Value and Quality."

Peter Nagem

"Reliable, efficient and good service."

Terry Jackson

"It's all good."

Melren Cable

"I've never had a problem.  Everyone is nice on the phone."

Gregory Tokar

"Very informative to help us make the right decision.  Not a hard sell, just the facts.  The other insurance provider advised us to stick with the proposed solution."

Norm Matusek

"Kathe DiMatteo is doing a great job.  I've been with her for 7 or 8 years now, and she is always looking out for me.  I like she gives me options.  I feel she always has my best interest at heart.  She always follows through."

Hind Alaoui

"Joe Lardie has been a great help.  He has always responded within a timely manner and is always willing to be of service."

Angel Rojos

"Mrs. Susan:  very nice lady.  I think she knows a lot about insurance."

Jessica Harnegie

"Very efficient and proactive."

Lisa Yon

"Vickie Williams has shown me customer care not just customer service."

Kathryn Smola

"Mary Delfs has been great to work with me and my daughter!"

Angel Belton

"Yvonne Walters is my fairy godmother of insurance.  I've grown up working with her.  Yvonne is very calm, educates me, leads me down the right path and helps me make good decisions.  I love her dearly.  Yvonne gets the job done.  One of the pieces of advice Yvonne gave me was "Focus on you."  I feel about Yvonne like my grandmother feels about Kindra.  I love her to pieces. She is my guardian angel."

Vickie Williams

"The best insurance agency ever and the best place to work!"

Shahera Mustafa

"Thank you for everything you do. You were there for us and found us the best deal.  Thank you."

Sheila Elswick

"Been with Nationwide 30+ years; a good company."

Jean Rickard

"Answer all my questions. Saved me money.  Friendly and available."

Charles Benak

"Love all the workers there; all friendly and ready to help."

Erik Castro

"Excellent customer service."

Roland Electric Inc.

"Not all the time, but most of the time, when I call, I get a respond pretty quickly."

John Rizea

"I love working with Vickie!"

Eric Charboneau

"The rates are good; the service has been excellent."

Karen Thomas

"I appreciate the personal attention Kathe and Tammy offer.  They provide thorough answers to my questions and help me to make educated decisions when it comes to my insurance.  They are always prompt and dependable.  I will be insured with them until I no longer drive or own my house."

Conrad Lindes

"Very impressed that our agent helped to lower the premium by switching us from Nationwide to Safeco.  I am so glad you have broadened your business offerings.  That is why I am recommending you -- you are able to better serve your clients in price as well as service."

Mark Comstock

"38 years of stellar service."

Eric Lofgren

"Personalized service."

Larry Murphy

"Kathe and her staff are always helpful and available.  We love the personal service."

Barry Axelrod

"Prompt, courteous service.  Knowledgeable in my needs regarding insurance."

Kimberly A. Lux

"Calls to renew policy annually and goes over options.  Has helped through storm damage, vehicle accidents, etc. Friendly service."

Scott Schurdell

"Attentive and competitive service!"

Christine Heron

"They are attentive to my questions and needs."

Merri B. Almond

"Susan Jones in the Myrtle Beach office is awesome."

Benjamin Williams Jr.

"Your service, support, guidance, taking the extra steps and looking out for my family.  Kathe and Tammy, you ladies genuinely care."

Esther Conway

"Personal attention."

Bob Voorhees

"It was a pleasure talking with Honor recently.  She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful and checked on some options for me and my family during a difficult time working on my father-in-law's affairs. (He is 102 years old) It is good to know I can rely on her council and recommendations in the near future for some changes we may need to make.  Thanks for all your assistance."

Paul Pavka

"You have always provided prompt, quality care and coverage."

Karen Russell

"Whenever we/I have had a question about anything, there is always someone to answer it! I have worked with Michelle for many years and she has been great!."

Ann Reichle

"Love doing business locally.  Know the agents and can contact them easily."

David Czerniak

"Because Kathe is so good and always keeps our best interest in mind!"

Marilyn Neff

"I always enjoy the personal contact and efficient service."

Arthur Bookert

"I have been with Consultative Insurance Group over two years, and I love working with Yvonne.  She is always nice. Always helpful when we need something fixed.  She is not just my agent, she is family.  She does a good job.  Yvonne helps educate us on stuff we do not know.  She is easy to work with.  I will stay with Consultative Insurance Group as long as Yvonne is my agent.  Small world moment--Cheryle's son and brother-in-law and I used to work together at Snider Electric; we all thought a lot of each other."

Brannon Kiszak

"Mary has been excellent answering my questions and providing the info requested.  She is always eager to help me out."

Valorie Onley

"Promptly responds to any need I have."

Shelia Ahearn

"We are very happy with Susan's insurance services."

Nancy Jasany

"Always quick to respond, thoughtful, and knowledgeable."

Gwen Scott

"Vickie is fantastic.  She is my agent -- always provides great customer service, returns calls, and is dedicated to her clients.  I always refer insurance business to Vickie.  She is always available."

Rex Adkins

"Working with Consultative Insurance Group has always been the greatest experience.  Vickie always takes care of me."

Dolores Badar

"Kathy and her staff have been very knowledgeable, caring, and responsive to all my needs.  They have taken good care of me for many years."

Brian Milla

"You guys are very helpful and have had some outstanding people working there..."

Margaret Minges

"I have a great agent:  Vickie Williams."

Charlie Faucette

"Always there to assist when needing to work things out."

Blowfish, LLC

"Always helpful."

Stefni King

"Vickie has always been very helpful and professional.  She is dependable and will quickly take care of any questions or needs we have.  We recommend her and Consultative Insurance Group to anyone looking for great customer service.  We have been with Consultative Insurance Group for years.  Their customer service is great.  Vickie always takes care of any questions or issues quickly and professionally!"

Joseph Weston

"One of the main factors I choose to rate Consultative Insurance a 10 is because of the family atmosphere we have built over the years together.  As a member I never ever feel or even felt deceived by any one working there.  For me personally, I never gave the company a thought based on how much money it can save me  (Don't get me wrong I love that!), which is a bonus but, to walk in a nearby location to be greeted and treated with respect and know everyone has my best interest at heart.  It's a family, a team connection we have.  This is the best feeling in the world! (my opinion).  The smiles, laughter, conversations we have are priceless.  I'm never just going there to pay a bill; I'm always going to visit family.  People I love and trust.  You can't ask for more!  Plus I love the nice candy I can take with me as I walk out the door (laughing) that's what this company means to me.  Family that cares.  Love them all but one special person who's like a great mother figure to my life receives all the credit for my happiness as a member:  Mrs. Yvonne Walters.  Let us continue to grow, improve and have each other's back for many more years to come." 

Margaret Wadsworth

"I am not pleased with the service from my new agent, but have been very pleased with the service from Consultative Insurance Group. I ended up calling Nationwide to renew my auto insurance policy because I wasn't able to get a quote from the new agent and she has dropped the ball on another of my policies as well. So I no longer wish to consolidate my policies with one agent, and I DO wish to be customer of Consultative Insurance Group again! You all have always been so reliable. Thank you very much."

Ezell Staley

"I've been insured with y'all for over 40 years and I've had no problems.  Yvonne is a sweet lady to work with."

Eva Belton

"Vickie Williams has been my agent since the agency was located in Lexington.  I've been with her ever since.  She is always very informative, gives me insurance answers, and my rates have been reasonable.  Vickie is always kind, respectful and nice.  As long as I continue to get the service I get now, I will stay with Vickie."

Carolyn Gaines

"I have been with Nationwide over 30 years.  I wanted to tell you a little bit about TammyTammy has been the person I have been calling for years.  She is a great person.  She is more like a friend than someone I talk to about the insurance company.  She has gone through things in my life that I've gone through.  She knows about everything we go through because it usually takes our insurance payment some kind of way. And I just want to say what a great person she is. She is very understanding.  She has never not talked to me when I needed assistance or something or needed help with something.  And I don't know what I would do without talking to Tammy at least once a month.  And I look forward to talking with her at least once a month.  I could go on and on but I think I've made my point.  I simply love paying insurance, which I never say, but i look forward to calling and talking to Tammy."

Kevin Nelson

"I first met Kathe DiMatteo after one of her policyholders hit my car.  Her level of service from the start was amazing -- and that experience is why I became a client.  She recognizes my voice and remembers everything about me.  She reaches out every year to let me know of any price changes, find out what's going on in our lives and learn of any changes. She checks everything and wants to make sure our policies are working for us.  Even though I live over an hour away, Kathe is still my agent.  My experience working with her can be summed up in two words: "absolutely amazing."