Amy Hanratty

"Our family has been working with this group for years.  I highly recommend their service."

Doll Hayes

"I have my rental insurance with them.  I enjoy the Service that I received from them.  My agent, Ms. Yvonne, is very understanding and good. They have good and reasonable prices."

Doug Farling

"I never had any other insurance than Nationwide Insurance since I was 17 years old.  My Dad had a Farm Bureau membership and was with Nationwide Insurance.  I've never had a problem with Nationwide.  I have moved all over the country, and have stayed with Nationwide Insurance.  Kathe DiMatteo has been my agent for the last 20 years, and I like that she calls me ahead of time to let me know whether my premium will be going up, going down or remaining the same.  This time I was happy to learn my premium was staying the same.  I am retired now, and having the premium remaining the same was great.  I started with insuring my car, then I insured my home, and other stuff with Nationwide.  I am willing to stick with Nationwide.  They are a steadfast company.  I have been very happy with them. 

Also, in Columbus, OH, Nationwide has put big money into the Nationwide Children's Hospital, which I find fantastic. They do so much for the kids and the families there.

Nationwide Insurance is a fair and generous company.  I am 71 1/2 now and plan to be insured with Nationwide until I die!"

Austin Thomas, President of the Baldwin-Wallace Habitat for Humanity

"I just wanted to thank you personally for all the food and help you gave Baldwin-Wallace's Habitat for Humanity this year and last.  You and your team have truly made an impact on our event and campus.  If you hadn't heard, we received 116 volunteers for this years build and everyone had very positive reviews about the lunch you provided. Again, thanks for all you do and attached is a group photo from the build."  

Robert Lee, Jr.

"I am well pleased with Yvonne.  She is caring, attentive, and always gives me options with my insurance.  I am pleased with her.  She walks me to my car every time I come to the office.  I have had nice conversations with Vickie too.  Overall, I have been well pleased with Nationwide and Consultative Insurance Group.  In my opinion, they both deserve a pay raise.  Both are an asset to Nationwide and Consultative Insurance Group."  

Thomas Blaha

"I have been a customer since 2007, and it all started one day when I walked into the Ridge Road office where Tony Bester was working.  My wife and I had recently bought our retirement house in Cleveland, OH and needed insurance on it.  Tony was the most responsive and offered the most competitive rate for our new house, out of the three insurance offices I visited that day. 

When our cars came up for renewal, Tony was responsive and was able to provide us a new auto policy with Nationwide Insurance.  Even when I bought a new car, and walked into the office, Tony made the changes immediately. 

Life happens and our kids got married and moved to South Carolina.  When we tired of the 12 hour journey one way, we bought a house to be closer to our kids and grandkids.  I called up Tony, fully expecting him to tell me I would have to find my own insurance agent or be referred to an agent Tony knew in the SC area.  Boy was I surprised to learn that the insurance agency I was with now in OH also had offices in SC! Tony referred me to Vickie Williams, in the Columbia, SC office and she handled everything over the telephone.  I have never met her, but it was comforting to know that I did not have to leave Consultative Insurance Group.

Once we moved to SC, we put our house in Cleveland, OH up for rent.  This was also around the time that our Nationwide Insurance auto rates went up by $1000.  We called up Vickie and she provided an auto quote with another carrier.   I also checked with another insurance carrier.  The price difference between what Vickie found and what I found was $200, with Vickie’s price $200 higher.  Even though the pricing was higher than what I found, I like and have appreciated the responsiveness of Consultative Insurance Group – they never missed a beat.  I decided I would pay the higher rate to continue with Consultative Insurance Group, and the responsive customer service I have received over the years. 

Meanwhile, Tony rewrote my rental property in Cleveland to a Dwelling Fire insurance policy, and saved me $200. 

I now have 3 policies with 3 different insurance companies -- and can speak to 1 person for all 3 companies.

Recently, I bought a new car and there was an issue that came up with the DMV.  I called Vickie Williams, and she provided a good consultative approach on the issue and then went above and beyond, providing me talking points when I contact the dealership. 

Whoever came up with the name Consultative Insurance Group did a good job, as that consultative approach has been my experience with both Tony Bester and Vickie Williams."

Alphonso Holley

“I always experience good service with Consultative Insurance Group. I do not like when my insurance rates go up, but when I come into the office to pay my insurance, the three ladies in the office --Yvonne, Cheryle, and Vickie -- are always so helpful and willing to chat.  I have no complaints.  They are real legit." 

Brian Moore

“I thought more about our conversation yesterday, and I wanted to say a big thank you - Kathe DiMatteo - for being there for us. It's something you can't put a price tag on with having someone to watch over our insurance needs that we trust and who knows our situation and has for years.THANK YOU!!!!”

Julianna Layfield

“I just want to let you know how grateful I am for Nationwide and especially Cheryle Waller in your Columbia, SC office. It was a lucky day for me when Robert changed our insurance to Nationwide. Since he died in June of 2016, I would have been totally lost without Cheryle. I’m still lost in a lot of ways, but she has made it possible for me (who knew absolutely nothing about business or insurance) to keep everything for our farm and fence business property insured. She always goes the extra mile to help me keep everything straight, and is unfailingly pleasant, kind, and above all professional. I wish I could give her, and by extension, Nationwide, an award, or a gold star, or something, to show my appreciation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Roger Sweeney

“Nationwide Insurance was great. Westlake Auto Body was super. Thank you, Kathe DiMatteo! It is great to work through and with people who are so efficient.”

Ruth Marshall

“I have been with Consultative Insurance Group 20+ years. They provide great, great, great, excellent customer service. I appreciate them all – Vickie Williams, Yvonne Walters, and Cheryle Waller. They help anyway they can and provide suggestions. Yvonne, Vickie and Cheryle work together beautifully and all provide above and beyond customer service. I recommend others all the time to come to them. I have never had a problem with Consultative Insurance Group.”

Marjorie Nix

"Vickie Williams, Thank you for all your help, and yes I did get the refunds. Thank you too for the lovely and thoughtful card. you have been great and I really appreciate it!"

Jacob Ashley

"Vickie Williams, You are so wonderful! Thank you."

Sharon Harris

"Bev Drake is an amazing, calming person. She is awesome, and I just wanted everyone to know it!"

Magda Mitchell

"Yvonne (Vonne) Walters was wonderful and helped me with my insurance issue. It was a scary situation, as I had to get a different car, but Vonne put me right at ease."

Betty Slater

"I called your office when you first opened and reached Rachel Simmerer. She was pleasant and her willingness to help was genuine. My experience working with Rachel improved my day! Hold on to that girl!"

Rosetta Carter

"Thank you so much! The glass company called on yesterday within 15 min of my email to you. Amazing service!"

Carroll Lindler

"My wife and I have been with Nationwide for many years (~25+ years) and have dealt with Vickie Williams for the majority of those years. We have had times that we have considered price shopping, as I am sure there are some lesser expensive alternatives out there. However, the complete, sincere and very personal service that we constantly receive from Vickie means more to us than finder that ‘cheaper’ alternative."

Joel A. Pandon

"I would like to thank the Consultative Insurance Group for their excellent service and support. Your insurance consultant, Michelle A. Sharp was thoughtful and resourceful as she developed an insurance program that met all my needs. Her approach in working with clients is truly consultative. She queries needs and preferences, researches products and services to meet those needs and preferences, and then provides suggestions and solutions.

I have worked with insurance agents over the last 50 years for various products. After the policies were sold, those agents were never available to take a phone call and I would wonder how they justified their commission on my policies. I have never experienced an agent (consultant) who is consistently available, highly responsive, and concerned as Michelle. I would especially like to commend Michelle for her professionalism and superlative skills."

Darlene Rikard

"I have been with Consultative Insurance Group for many years. Vickie has always made sure that I understood my policy and got the best rates. She does a great job.

When anything happens to our cars, this company has not let us down. They are friendly, honest and professional. I am very pleased with this insurance agency."

Edith Phillips

"I appreciate Honor Taylor for staying after hours last week to make sure I had insurance back on my house."

Ida Bonaparte

"I would like to thank Ms Yvonne Walters for being so kind, patient, helpful and professional as she assisted me with my accident and rental claims on May 22, 2017.

It is employees like her that have kept me as a client with your company for so many years."

Gail G.

"I have been a client of Consultative Insurance for many years and LOVE the agency! If I have an issue they handle it right away. I recommend them every time for your insurance needs!"

Anna Hayes

"Today I was making a phone call to pay my insurance company on my lunch break. I didn’t have much time to consider my options when I heard how much money my current policy was going to be, and Honor was who I got directed to for questions I had about it. She explained to me thoroughly why it was higher than I expected, which in that policy, made sense after speaking with her. Honor listened to the worried tone in my voice of not being able to make that payment today. She promised to call me back with a possible solution and I didn’t even have to wait long for her to return my call. She cared enough to help me, went above and beyond to save me money today and found a better policy fit for me. She truly defines the company she represents as awesome! I have already told this story to three coworkers that are very interested in converting to your insurance company because of employees like Honor. I still have my family and friends to share this with! Furthermore, because of her, I can now save enough money for a Disney trip next year for my 8-year-old daughter. Thank you so much for everything you have done for my family! You rock Honor!"

Bobby French, Finish Works

"I appreciate everything Consultative Insurance Group offers! Most of all, I APPRECIATE Susan Jones--MY personal insurance agent. She goes the extra mile to help out with my insurance needs"

Valerie Haynes

"I love my Nationwide Team — they take the time to make sure I’m OK. When I was hit by a big truck, they went in full force to make sure I was alright and helped me in every avenue I needed. I would always recommend Ms. Vickie and the great team at my St.Andrews Nationwide Insurance."

Dave and Irene Meekins

"Your CHRISTmas gift was lovely and tasty. We wouldn’t change agents even if we could save 15% or more!! :o)"

Susan Borrmann

"I have been with Nationwide since I moved to SC in 2006. I have had 2 children on my insurance and Vickie Williams has gone above and beyond helping me keep my rates down. She has helped my daughter get her house insurance. I have called other agencies but never got the service that I get from Consultative Insurance."

Ken Kesegich

"It’s a pleasure working with the professionals at Consultative Insurance Group. Most recently, Mary Beth Jeffery helped resolve an issue with the OHIO BMV, and then she helped me understand the options around insuring my daughter on my auto policy. She is unfailingly responsive and helpful. That’s been my experience all along with this group. I appreciate it."

Gainwell Smith

"I have been with this agency for more than 15 years and I am very satisfied with the great service they provide me and my family. I would recommend them to everyone. Thanks for the great service."

Samantha Wallace

"Although I have been with this particular company within the Nationwide family for several years now, I am still pleased and amazed by their generosity and support for their customers. Vickie Williams, a Nationwide representative, went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me with my decision to change homeowners insurance companies. She found the best policy to suit me my needs, and I am forever grateful for her assistance. Consistently, this is the type of customer support Nationwide employees provide for me whenever I have questions or concerns."

The Means Family

"We want to publicly thank Kindra Smith and her wonderful team at Nationwide Insurance Company for looking out for us when we have been too busy to look out for ourselves!

Kindra is committed to ensuring that her clients get the best insurance coverage at the best possible rates. She is never too busy to take phone calls, answer emails or go to great lengths to explain what may or may not be in the fine print.

We look forward to twenty more years of Nationwide being ‘on our side.”

Mark and Judy LeClair

“Tony–As you know, we have been customers of yours for almost 20 years and it seems like every year we have a cost vs. value discussion. Well this year is no different, even though we had some challenges with putting together some Life Insurance policies, Judy and I renewed our Home/Auto/Umbrella policies once again because there is value in your service and products. You are consistently exceeding our expectations and we are fortunate to have you as our agent. Thank you for your support.”

Brandy Messenger

"I recently encountered an issue with an SR 22 policy that I have through you. I called the office and was fortunate to get Yvonne on the phone. I just wanted to let you know that she did a great job getting the issue resolved. She worked with the main office to take care of me in a very timely manner and I appreciate it. It may not seem like a horrible mess but to me it really was. Yvonne made it a priority and never made me feel like I was bothering her. Thank you and your people are awesome."

Jeff Badger (Club Motor Estates)

"Ron, Nate and the team at Consultative,
Thanks for a Birthday video. I had a chance to watch another video of yours, 2015 video. Very kool. You are what you say you are and do what you say you will do, people of integrity."

Taylor Alejandro CM

“Well, I switched auto-insurance to Nationwide Insurance and will be saving $60 a month. Take that to the bank! Plus my insurance agent is really thorough, I got all kinds of goodies that I didn’t have before and twice as much coverage. Serious, OH, KY and if there is anyone in SC on my list, get with this hot bundle of sales joy Mariela Couch with Consult us 4 ins representing Nationwide Insurance.”

Sharon W. on Birthday Greetings

"Loved the singing on my birthday. Felt like you were in my house!

Thank you."

Vested Interest in K9s, Inc.


"Thank you for your kindness. Much appreciation for your donation of $950.00 to Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. Your recent gift will provide a bullet and stab protective vest for K9 Rico of the Cleveland Metro Parks Ranger Department in Ohio.

It is due to your support that we can strive towards our goal of vesting every working law enforcement dog. We are very grateful for your generosity."

Heartfelt thanks,
Jessica Richards

Jenny at the Olmsted Falls High School Alumni Office

"I want to personally thank you for everything you did to help make our Las Vegas Night so successful. You helped us out at the last minute providing a Vitamix PLUS all those wonderful door prizes. You both are more than generous!! I hope you know that everything you’ve done is very much appreciated by all of us." 

Jinny & Bob Clarke

"PHENOMENAL service and the most favorable rates we found. Thanks for making being insured FUN."

JoAnn Webb

"I’ve been with this company for several years, and I have to honestly say it is one of the most unprofessional, unresponsive companies with which I have ever done business. You are lucky to get a call back without repeated calls to speak to someone. When you finally reach someone, they are always friendly and apologetic. But “sorry” doesn’t cut it when the same behaviors are repeated. I continue to use the company because of their rates. But how about some good ‘ole fashion professional courtesy where customers are treated the way you want to be treated. That would go a long way!"

Kindra Smith, COO of Consultative Insurance Group responded to this review: “At Consultative Insurance Group, we value every customer’s feedback…even when the client feels that we have room for improvement. After talking with Ms. Webb and sincerely apologizing for any prior negative experiences, we want to reassure her and all of our clients that we strive to provide the best possible customer service in every customer interaction. We are working with Ms. Webb to give her alternative options in her interactions with the agency, as she was not aware that other valued associates in our agency may be able to assist her if her primary associate agent is not readily available. We have also reviewed our agency standard to return calls no later than the end of the business day, or no later than 10 am the next business day if the call is after 4:30 pm with the associate involved, and look forward to winning back Ms. Webb’s trust in our agency.” 10/28/2014

Richard Geiger Jr

“They are really on your side!”

(CIG client since 2006)


"Excellent Service for 30 Years!

Mary Beth has provided us with excellent personalized customer service for over 30 years! She is always very attentive to any of our issues. She addresses any question or concern in an extremely timely manner. We appreciate her professionalism and her expertise. Thank you, Mary Beth!"

5 stars out of 5

Mr Jim L on Hurricane Sandy wind and water damage

"I wanted you to know that with the Sandy Storm I had damage to my rental in Rock River and your claim team was fantastic. Other people in my office had so many problems getting quotes and repair people let alone the actual check to make repairs. I had a person out estimating within a few days of the storm and the check a week later. In most case I had my repairs done before other people even had a check in there hand.
Everyone throughout the process was very helpful and kurtosis.
Thanks for helping me get through the storm; my tenants are happy which makes me happy. 😉"
5 stars out of 5
Jim – Avon Lake, Ohio


Top of the line service!

"This is the first review that I have ever written for any service or product. Vickie, Kindra and the entire staff at Consultative Insurance are the BEST! Their knowledge of the products they offer and their dedication to me as a customer are top notch. They’ve answered all my questions and helped me review my individual insurance needs. I’ll be with them for many years to come!"

5 stars out of 5

velvetsister – Lexington SC

K. Evans and R. Matthews

“Nationwide is Truly on my Side”
My Partner recently had a very bad wreck due to water on the road and hydroplaned across the highway through oncoming traffic, no one was hurt thank Goodness, but the car he was driving hit a curb blowing out 3 of the tires on the car, slammed sideways into a telephone pole, taking 3 inches off the pole, jumped a 3 foot hole in the ground coming to rest head on into a ditch knocking him out. Luckily, he sustained no obvious injuries, but the car was totaled by the Nationwide adjuster. Our first contact with Nationwide was to report the accident and their first response was, “Are you, or anyone with you hurt”, the agents responded with the utmost time and a wrecker was on the way and arrived just shortly after the incident, A rental car had already been set up for us and we had no problems with anyone from Nationwide. Within 24 hours we received a call from the adjuster who informed us that the car was a complete loss and we would be completely covered with no out of pocket expense, and not to worry, we were covered. I’ve been dealing with Nationwide for over 23 years and I’ve never had a accident such as this and each step of the way my agents were there to answer any questions we might have. Within a few days, we were driving a brand new car, same model, just a different color. This has truly been an experience, one I don’t soon care to live through again, but we both feel safe knowing that we have qualified caring people on our side. Thanks to all who helped us through this experience, all of you at “Consultative Ins Grp Inc, Nationwide Insurance.”
5 stars out of 5
K. Evans and R. Matthews


Good Agency…Good Service

I have had other Nationwide agents try to get me to leave and join their agency. My response is always the same I have no reason to leave my agent is great. My insurance needs are met and the agents are knowledgeable about coverages that impact me and my husband.5 stars out of 5



The best service you can get!!!

I have been a policyholder with Consultative Ins Grp Inc since 2003 and have had nothing but great service both with the office staff and Nationwide itself. The times I have had to file a claim everything was taken care of both quickly and professionally. I have gladly sent numerous new customers to them over the years and will continue to do so. If you have any insurance needs these guys are the best!!!5 stars out of 5


The agent was great

Our agent Rob was great to work with. He offered all the products and services we needed. The quotes were lower than we expected, Highly recommend using this agent. 5 out of 5 stars

Barry M. Aiken, owner of Plans Unlimited Construction

"We have worked with Consultative Insurance Group, Inc. for all our commercial insurance needs for the past 3 years. They have consistently exceeded our expectations by offering personalized service that is impossible to find in other agencies. We are fortunate to have a local agency that is owned and managed by a team of people who have the education, expertise, and overall desire to do the right thing that the staff at Consultative Insurance Group, Inc. have. Thank you for being such an asset to our company!

Also, we wanted to let Maurica’s managers know how fortunate they are to have such an outstanding employee. Her knowledge, efficiency and professional manner is such an asset to your organization and will only enhance future success for your company. It is very obvious that her work ethic is rooted with high standards which, in this day and age, is hard to come by. You are very Blessed to have such a dedicated lady within your operation.


Barry M. Aiken

Construction Manager


Donna D.

"If you are looking for the right car insurance, then The Adams Agency (now Consultative Insurance Group) is the place for you. They have been providing me with quality insurance for many years. The staff is friendly and works very hard to help me in any way they can. They also handle homeowners insurance and life insurance. You can also get renters insurance from them. They offer a discount for multiple insurance types."

Rated: Four stars out of five stars

Donna D

Tessa Russell

"I would like to commend Christine Schuster and the rest of Consultative Insurance Group for their excellent service throughout 35 years.

Christine has always taken exceptional care of myself and my family. I have and will continue to recommend her."

The Cost Family

"Ron and Kathy- Thank you very much for the tickets to the Memorial Classic, the parking pass, and the opportunity for a wonderful once in a lifetime experience.
Brian and Carley had a great time viewing the play from the 14th hole hospitality Chalet and enjoyed the foods and beverages all day.
They walked much of the course and followed their favorite players.
It was hard to get close to Tiger…but they managed to follow him for a couple of holes.
He was kind enough to putt in for a birdie…and was himself so happy he turned around and asked if he could take a picture of them for good luck.

Thank you again for the great gift"

Dan Mahony

"January 28, 2013, I was involved in a very minor car accident. My vehicle had a few dents and wrinkles that required a short stay at the body shop. The thought of all the phone calls to be made, chasing around getting estimates, the rental car and all the associated inconveniences discouraged me somewhat from even reporting the claim.

However, after thinking about it, I realized, that’s why I have insurance!

I called Mr. Ron Smith, my Nationwide agent and spoke with Mary Jo and told her what had happened. She took all the information she needed and completely handled it from there. To my surprise, minutes later, all the people I was apprehensive to call were now calling me to make the necessary arrangements. The entire process went extremely smooth. The concern and professionalism by everyone was greatly appreciated and did not go unnoticed.

I must add, sometimes “people” are so quick to respond with negative criticism that usually does very little good to fixing a problem. A person occasionally needs to hear that their efforts were recognized and appreciated.

Everyone exceeded my expectations. I felt compelled to share my good experience with Nationwide Insurance and the staff of Mr. Ron Smith!”

Bob Bolin

“I run my business and interact with my customers on one simple rule: Do what is right and fair no matter what the cost. It is good to know there are others out there with similar ideas and I deeply appreciate the relationship we have developed over the years not just with you but also with your team.”