September 30, 2020 Vol 2 Issue 3

The Consultative Connection


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Basic Chili Con Carne With Beef and Beans

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Excluded dogs on home insurance - Retirement Announcement - Meet Kristine Scoon - Coverage Highlight

Homeowner Insurance:  Is Your Dog Excluded? 

When looking to welcome a new dog into your home, or caring for someone else's dog on your property, be aware there are some breeds of dogs which may be excluded under your home insurance policy, leaving you open for more responsibility than you bargained for. 

All Dogs Have The Potential 

Realize that any dog, regardless of breed or size, can bite or be aggressive towards another dog, animal or person when they first meet them, during feeding time, or when they have possession of toys or treats.  Not all dogs are cordial, have received obedience training or are socialized. 

Is Your Dog Excluded?:

Learn more about the most common breeds and how to shop smart to protect yourself and your family. 

Insurance Highlight:  Personal Umbrella

Insurance Highlight:  Personal Umbrella

If you believe your last name has to be "Gates" or "Rockefeller" to be sued, you are far from the truth:  anyone can by sued.  

A Personal Umbrella policy is an affordable way to obtain a lot of coverage for an affordable cost and are available for worldwide protection with limits from 1 Million to 10 Million.  

Who Needs A Personal Umbrella Policy? (see these few examples)

  • Families with teenage drivers.
  • Those who need to protect assets:
    • Sole Proprietors
    • Partners
    • Executives
    • High Profile Individuals
    • Those who travel abroad
  • Those with good earning potential:
    • Beginning of a promising career
    • Pursuing a new business venture
  • Those who wish to protect assets in excess of their underlying car insurance and home insurance
    • Middle-class Americans
    • Blue-collar workers with sufficient assets

Learn more about who should purchase a Personal Umbrella policy and other important features. 

Well Earned Retirement

Join us in congratulating our beloved receptionist, Bev Drake, on a well-earned retirement.  Bev has worked in the insurance industry for over 47 years --- including 16 years for Consultative Insurance Group!  

We are excited for her and wish her well as she enjoys her retirement! 

Our Team Is Growing! 

We'd like to introduce our newest member of our Commercial Department:  Kristine Scoon.  

Kristine joined our agency with an 8 year background working in various capacities within the commercial insurance industry and specializes in Business Insurance.  

Featured OH Partner

Attorney Margaret "Margie" T. Karl has been an attorney for over a decade and primarily focuses on estate planning and elder law.  Margie is our featured partner of the month and also our neighbor!  Her office is located on the first floor of our office building:  25800 North Depot St, Suite 102, Olmsted Falls, OH.  

Give Margie a call to learn how she can help! 

"Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." 

                                                                                   - Marthe Troly-Curtin