September 2022, Vol 4, Issue 3

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Are You Protected If Your Dog Bites? · Community Events · Special Recognition · Partnership · Real Life Pet Insurance Story and More!

We are excited to share special recognition with you! Tracy Larson recently transitioned to an Account Executive,

specializing in Business and Benefit Solutions, which will allow her and the agency to best use her sales and customer service skills. 

She is a welcomed addition to our Commercial Service Team! 

Just a reminder, as our organization continues to grow, we will share with you our new partnerships. 

You may recall from our June e-newsletter, our partnership with The Wills Agency, with offices in Aiken and Batesburg, and the Yarbrough Insurance Agency,

which shares an office space with our Columbia Consultative office.  The Wills Agency brings farm and agribusiness insurance experience,

and the Yarbrough Insurance Agency, personal and commercial insurance experience. 


This summer we sponsored an Olmsted Community Summer League (OCSL) Tykes T-ball team of which Ron and Kindra's granddaughter, Ella was a teammate.  Aren't they cute with their Relation Insurance orange?  OCSL is a 501 (c)(3) organization that relies on local sponsors to supply field access, safety equipment, and recreational activities for all players. 

On September 2nd, Paul Petrilla and Ron Smith participated in the annual Golf Outing hosted by the Olmsted Chamber of Commerce and Berea Chamber of Commerce at Mallard Creek Golf Club in Columbia Station, OH. 

On September 10th, John Flowers and Michelle Sharp, attended the annual Solon Band Bash held at Solon High School, in Solon, OH.  Michelle shared: "The students from the eight high schools represented did a terrific job.  They had great enthusiasm from the musicians down to the dancers on the field.  Parents and friends in the stands showed great support for the kids.  It's enjoyable to listen to music and see smiling faces." 

On August 7th, Ernie Yarborough participated in the Ironman Alaska in Juneau, Alaska and raised money for Camp KEMO through the Campfire Kids Foundation.  This triathlon included a 1.2-mile swim (due to water temperature was 56 degrees Fahrenheit, the coldest reading all summer), a rainy, windy, and cold 112-mile bicycle race, and a rainy, windy, and cold twenty-six mile run through the rainforest.  Ernie completed the Ironman Alaska in 14 hours, 56 minutes, and 20 seconds in addition to raising more money for Camp KEMO Programs.

On September 15th, Ernie Yarbrough, Jessica Mitchum and family, and Tammy Sue Clem and family participated in the inaugural Light Up for Leah 5K Run/Walk at Saluda Shoals Park, benefitting Camp KEMO Programs of Prisma Health Children's Hospital - Midlands.  This walk honors children who have died following their battle with pediatric cancer or a blood disorder.  Leah is one of those children, and her name and memory continue to shine through the creation of this race.

On September 24th, James Wills participated in the 343 Hero Challenge in Batesburg, SC.  This event is an annual competition featuring firefighter inspired skill stations in remembrance of the 343 firefighters who lost their lives in service on September 11, 2001.  James, a local volunteer firefighter in Saluda, SC, and team were the only participants who wore their entire firefighter gear during this challenge and won their division.

On September 28, James Wills, a local Lions Club member, and Andy Horne participated in the Lions Club Golf Tournament at Persimmon Hill Golf Course, in Saluda, SC.  The tournament had a record number of entries with 23, and James' team won the Saluda Cup with a score of 19 under par.  The Lions Club, combined with the efforts of Lions Club International Foundation and local partners, focuses on the education and treatment of eye diseases.

by Maurica Easler


My husband and I were finally able to take our dream vacation in May 2022 -- a cruise to Alaska -- and boarded our mastiff mix, Love, with our local veterinarian. 

On May 18th, as the ship were docking at the Skagway, Alaska port around 5:30 AM (UTC), we noticed our cell phone signal was restored and that we had both missed four calls from our vet. We both knew this couldn't be good news. 

Love had been taken outside by one of the techs and was fine. Thirty minutes later, a tech noticed she wasn't behaving in a normal manner. Upon closer examination, they found a mass and knew they needed to do emergency surgery. While they were unable to reach us, they were fortunately able to reach a family member who gave the consent to operate.  

When we called, they had her on the table and were getting ready to operate.  Absolutely, they had our consent! Being over 3700 miles away from home and your dog's life is in jeopardy was unnerving. Plus, our pre-planned excursion for the morning would take us away from cell phone signals.  

Within an hour the surgery was complete and Love was doing well. The mass turned out to be gastric dilatation-volvulus also known commonly as "bloat." Bloat occurs when a dog's stomach fills with gas, food, or fluid and the stomach twists. In Love's case, her spleen was about four times its normal size, and her blood supply was starting to be affected. Without fast treatment, this situation could have been fatal if not for the watchful eye of the tech.  

We had purchased Major Medical Nationwide Pet Insurance on Love eight months back, and this was our first experience filing a claim for services.  

I filed the claim online May 26th and a reimbursement check was issued/mailed on May 31st. 
We received the reimbursement check the first week of June.  

Choose coverage your pet can count on

Pet health insurance is a great way to stay ready for anything. Visit Consultative Insurance Group ( to get a free, no-obligation quote or to start protection for your pet today!  Or call 1-844-397-8939 and mention the discount code N12585 to receive your discount! 



Pets can be a great way to create shared responsibilities and instant companionship. 

Welcoming a new puppy or dog into your family can be an exciting and wonderful experience for children and adults.


  • When was the last time you reviewed the exclusions section of your home insurance policy before welcoming a new dog or caring for a buddy's dog at your house?  
  • Are you leaving yourself open for a lawsuit if the dog bites or injures a person or another animal?  
  • What requirements are needed for the breed? 
  • What are the most common breeds document for potential biting history? 
  • What's the risk? 

All Dogs Have the Potential 
Regardless of breed or size, any dog can bite or be aggressive towards another dog, animal, or person. Not all dogs are cordial, socialized with other dogs or people, or have received obedience training. Most often a biting incident occurs when anxious, startled, feeding (food aggression), free time (away from or with owner), and toys (toy aggression).  

Most Common Breeds Documented for Potential Biting History 
Most homeowner policies exclude about fifteen dog breeds, including those of mixed with the excluded breeds. This means if you own or care for a dog that is on the restricted list, and the dog bites, you could be paying out of pocket for the damage it causes. Depending on the severity, settlements awarded in dog bite cases vary from $500 to $500,000 and up.  

Click here to see the full list of common excluded dog breeds.  

Waiting On Your Call 
Considering or currently own one of the excluded breeds?  Call today to speak with a licensed risk advisor.  We are happy to shop home insurance for you, including home insurance carriers with a more lenient dog breed restrictions.    


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