Pet Insurance

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It's Easier Than Ever To Protect Your Pet 

Our pets are our family and they deserve quality care.  

It's exciting when we introduce a new pet to our family! Many new items are needed when purchasing a new pet -- new bedding/crate/cage, accessories, toys, and even treats.  As pet owners, we strive to make our pets as comfortable as possible in our homes.  We want them to be as happy and content as we are!

A fun and necessary introduction for your new pet is meeting your selected veterinarian and getting your pet on a regular healthy routine with annual visits. 

As with humans, our pets sometimes fall ill, get injured, or sometimes there is nothing obvious, but as pet parents you know your pet and can tell when something is just "off."   Depending on the severity of the illness, the treatment could be costly or become more than expected.  

Pet Insurance helps offset the expense of veterinarian visits and treatment plans for your dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets.  

Pet Insurance Is Available To Help! 

Having Pet Insurance, will certainly help you financially. 

If you are adopting an older dog or younger breed -- and it includes exotics like birds, rabbits, reptiles, lizards, hamsters, hedgehogs, and other exotic pets-- the cost of owning and caring for a pet can become costly. 

  • Your pets can have nose-to-tail coverage for everything from shots to surgeries.
  • Plus you are free to use any veterinarian, anywhere.
  • Get cash back on vet bills.
  • Plans available for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets.
  • 5% discount.
  • And more!