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Special Event Liability Insurance

Anytime people gather in celebration, there are opportunities for unplanned incidents and accidents.  

  • Weddings
  • Sporting Events
  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Concerts
  • Family Reunions/Birthday Parties
  • Family Holiday Gatherings
  • Religious Celebrations, etc. 

Our Special Events packages offer customizable insurance plans, which range from basic plans to more advanced plans, depending on the event, number of attendees, and location.  

Most Basic Plans Include:

  • Personal Liability Coverage
  • Medical Payment Coverage
  • Liability Property Damage Coverage
  • Host Liquor Liability 

Personal Liability Coverage is necessary to reduce your out-of-pocket responsibility if you are found negligent or at-fault for an accident.  You can select the limit from a range of options or your venue may require a certain limit.

Medical Payment Coverage helps cover the cost should someone get injured.

Liability Property Damage Coverage is usually required by the venue where the event is to be held and protects you against claims for property damage to the facility rented.

Host Liquor Liability or Social Host Liquor Liability gives you protection if during your celebration, alcohol is provided and your guests are not paying for it.  Consider, a guest leaves that have had "one too many." 

Advanced Plans Can Be Customized

Depending on the type of celebration you are having, there may be additional coverage to include to broaden the protection.  

  • Cancellation or postponement
    • Severe weather causing you to postpone your event?
    • Job loss occurs, causing you to have to postpone your special day. 
    • Sudden illness prevents you from getting married on the planned date.
  • Additional Expense
    • You have to change locations expectantly? 
  • Photographs & Video
    • Your photos get ruined.
    • Photographer/Videographer did not show.
  • Gifts
    • Your gifts get lost or stolen. 
  • Special Attire 
    • Your special outfit or dress is lost or damaged. 
  • Loss of Deposits
    • Your vendor goes out of business, declares bankruptcy before your event or wedding or simply fails to show up.
  • Change of Heart
    • You or your beloved has a "change of heart." 
  • Jewelry Items
    • Loss or damage of jewelry prior to event
  • Counseling
    • Physician recommendation following cancellation or postponement of event

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