March 2021 Vol 3 Issue 1

The Consultative Connection

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What To Eat? - Why Do I Need to Review My Insurance Policies? - Featured Partners - New Faces - Motorcycles and Toys - Office Locations

What Should I Eat? 

Ask 20 people what you should be eating and I can almost guarantee, you would get 20 different answers.  Have you ever noticed how two people follow the same diet or workout plan and one person gets great results and the other one doesn't?  The answer is simple. 

Why Do I Need To Review My Insurance Policy? 

Why Do I Need To Review My Insurance Policy? 

Annual insurance reviews are necessary to keep your insurance policies' up-to-date and minimize insurance gaps.  Consider the following common insurance situations and how they may apply to your insurance plan:  price of gold, divorce, beneficiaries...

Why should the price of gold effect my insurance?

With the new year, we brought in two amazingly talented insurance agents! Maria is a Personal Lines Specialist, and  has a strong background working with Progressive with motorcycles and toys. Tracy, a Commercial Lines Specialist, is knowledgeable in group benefits and giving business owners a new prospective in protecting their employees and business needs.  Visit our team to learn more about our new team members or browse our full insurance team profiles to learn more about your agent. 

Exotics, Birds, Reptiles, & More

Exotics, Birds, Reptiles, & More

Have you heard about this--->  Consultative Insurance Group referral offer on Pet Insurance?  Not only does Pet Insurance to help reduce vet bills and services for your dog or cat, there is protection available for birds, rabbits, reptiles and exotics! Click here for your free quote or start your policy on your furry, feathered, or scaly friend! 

What Does Pet Insurance Cost?

On This Day in History

In 1964 the TV Show "Jeopardy" aired for the first time.

7 Tips For Getting Your Motorcycle Ready For Spring

7 Tips For Getting Your Motorcycle Ready For Spring

Nice Weather + Open Road = MOTORCYCLE

I know with spring finally here, we are ready to jump on and go.  (It has been a long winter.) But before you do, think about this:  Yeah, it's also been a long winter for the bike too.  Use these 7 simple steps to get your bike ready for the open road. 

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Our Featured Business Partners 

With the first quarter of 2021, we would like to introduce to you a few of our dedicated Contractor Business Partners.  In addition to being clients, these contractors are dedicated to providing the same level of customer service and satisfaction we know you deserve.  Consider reaching out to them for your next project or if you need assistance.  

Our Process
Our History

"If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down." 

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Office Locations 

Click here for maps and photos of our locations! 

Main Office:  25800 North Depot St.  Suite 200, Olmsted Falls, OH

Strongsville:  13008 Pearl Rd, Strongsville, OH

Columbia:  776 Saint Andrews Rd, Columbia, SC

Myrtle Beach:  220 Ronnie Court, Suite 2, Myrtle Beach, SC