Manufactured/Mobile Home Insurance

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What Is The Difference? 

Mobile Homes, also commonly called, Manufactured Homes, are typically pre-constructed homes which are transported to a home site vis a trailer chassis.  

These homes can be located on leased or owned land, or inside a private mobile home park.

While they are similar in traditional homes, mobile homes share a common fact with automobiles when not attached to the land.  They are considered personal property and have a title versus a deed. 

If the manufactured home is permanently installed to the home site and classified as real property, it will have a deed. 

With a deed, the insurance can be built on a Home insurance policy versus a Mobile Homeowners insurance policy.  


The Basic Coverages

There are three basic coverages for Mobile Home/Manufactured Homes:

  1. Physical Structure:   Damage from perils such as fire, hail, theft or vandalism.  All policies are not created equal.  Some insurance policies may allow coverage on "named perils" which may have lower premiums, but less coverage.  
  2. Contents:  Everything inside your home which belongs to you, the named insured.  
  3. Liability:  Coverage which may help protect you if found responsible for damages to someone else's property or if someone were injured on your property. 

*Insurance for mobile/manufactured homes may offer Replacement Cost options, depending on the age of the home, or Actual Cash Value replacement. 

There may be some coverage limitations; talk with your insurance agent or give us a call to learn more.  

Why We Are Different

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk.

Contact us at Consultative Insurance Group today! 

We will:

  1. Listen to your individual mobile home/manufactured home needs and risks during our consultative insurance interview.

  2. Shop multiple insurance companies on your behalf.

  3. Help establish the insurance protection and limits you find valuable and affordable.

Sometimes things change after you purchase your insurance policy.  To keep up with your changing life, we suggest reviewing your insurance policies at least once a year to make any necessary adjustments to your coverage.  

Contact us today for a Mobile Home/Manufactured Home Insurance quote, and we'll help you protect your home. 

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