June 2020 Vol 2 Issue 2

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In This Issue: Hot New Coverage Options Available: New Home Coverage, New Auto Program, 10 Tips on Home Pool Safety, Uninsured Drivers, and more!

What's Going On With Us

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Business - The COVID-19 Way

We are excited to announce that all physical locations are now open to the public again, and our associates are ready and willing to assist you with all of your insurance needs. We do ask that you continue to conduct business as much as possible through the phone or online; however, we welcome you to the offices in person if preferred. If you do come in the office, we do ask that you wear a mask, and we will too, for our mutual safety and we can provide you with a mask if you do not have one. We are limiting the number of clients in the office at a time in order to help us maintain social distancing standards, and we do ask that you do NOT come to the office if you or a household member are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms. We are happy to accommodate over the phone or utilizing technology to ensure your insurance needs are addressed without sacrificing the customer service you deserve.

New Homeowner Coverage: Service Line Coverage

Covered service line means exterior underground piping and wiring, including permanent connections, valves or attached devices providing one of the following services to your home: 1) Communications, 2) compressed air, 3) drainage, 4) electrical power, 5) heating, 6) waste disposal and 7) water. The covered service line must be owned by homeowner, or homeowner must be responsible for its repair or replacement. To learn more about this new coverage, or to find out how to add to your homeowner policy, give us a call:1.800.886.0305. 

New Auto Program: SmartMiles

If you drive less, pay less. The same great coverage but with a flexible monthly rate that's based on how many miles you drive. This program rate is determined based on two parts: a base rate and a variable rate (cost per mile). The rate will vary month-to-month based on the number of miles you drive. To learn more about this new auto program, or to find out if this program is for you, give us a call: 1.800.886.0305.

Ten Vital Tips For Home Pool Safety

On average more than six children die every day in North American backyard pools. It's the top cause of deaths for the under-5s. Most if not all public pools are shut and there are bound to have been cases where people have ignored social distancing rules, allowing their children's friends into the pool or allowing their kids to visit others.  The trouble is that youngsters are naturally energetic, sometimes with a disregard for personal safety, and it's up to parents not only to set and enforce rules but also to ensure pools are adequately protected from their adventurous spirits.  To protect them, here are the key rules you must follow: 1)  Pools should be totally fenced with a lock and alarm system for entry.  2)  Remove all climb-over temptations such as pool toys and air beds.  3) Enforce adult supervision at all times.  That means a dedicated watcher with total focus on what's happening--no sunbathing, no surfing on the net or reading.  4) Use floatation equipment and life jackets if there are non-swimmers; even if all can swim, have them in the pool, just in case.  5) Make time, if you can, to teach non-swimmers.  It halves the risk of drowning.  6) If you have visiting kids, check their swimming skills too.  7) Defuse any natural exuberance at the poolside.  Kid-play can lead to all manner of injuries.  If necessary, enforce a timeout.  8) Ensure you and your fellow watchers know how to resuscitate someone if things go wrong.  9) If your children are visiting a friend's house to swim, speak to their parents to ensure the above safety rules.  10) Warn your kids of the dangers! Repeatedly! 

Protect Against Uninsured Drivers

Suppose you're in a vehicle crash that the other driver causes.  You're financially safe, right?  After all, the other driver's insurance will pick up the tab for damage or injuries.  That's what you think.  But the harsh fact is that, according to insurance industry experts, one in five drivers in some states and provinces have no coverage.  Even in the better regions, the uninsured or under-insured proportion is around 1 in 10.  It may be illegal almost everywhere to drive without insurance but that doesn't stop some irresponsible or neglectful drivers from being uninsured.  So, even though the accident may be their fault, you could end up paying for the damage and injury.  Of course, you could sue them , but, if they don't have insurance, they likely won't have the money to pay.  That's why, for the rest of use, it's crucial to have uninsured and under-insured driver coverage.  It's a legal requirement in some locations and optional in others but either way, you shouldn't be on our roads without it.  If you're not sure if you have this coverage or you don't know what the law says, please speak to us

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