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What is Gap Insurance And Do I Need It? · New Website Design · Meet Tony Santilla · Summer Recipe

What is Gap Insurance And Do I Need It? 

Imagine this scenario: You just bought (or leased) a brand new car or truck, disaster strikes and the vehicle is totaled. Your car is insured, so you expect to get enough money to pay off the loan you took out to buy it. Unfortunately, that may not be the case. 

Most people know that the moment a car leaves the dealership, it can significantly drop in value. In many cases, individuals may find themselves "upside down" in the value of what they have paid for a car versus what the car would sell for. On most standard auto insurance policies, the retail value of a person-to-person sale is the settlement value that an insurance company would offer. 

Some auto insurance policies do provide coverage to fill the gap between what you owe on your car loan an the current retail value of the vehicle, but typically an endorsement to your auto insurance policy or a separate policy would be required to fill the gap. As you might expect, this type of coverage is called gap insurance. 

Gap insurance is particularly valuable if you made a down-payment of less than 20 percent, financed for more than 60 months, moved over a balance from a prior car loan to your new loan, leased the vehicle, or bought one that depreciates faster than average. When you buy a new car, the dealer may offer this type of add-on coverage, but be aware that your existing car insurance company offers it too. 

Check Out Our Face Lift! 

Check Out Our Face Lift! 

Our website has recently undergone a complete makeover, and offers many new resources to our clients. Offer a review or feedback on the new site for a chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card. 

Check Out Our New Edition!

Please join us in welcoming our new Personal Insurance Specialist: Tony Santilla!

Did You Know? 

If you own a business and/or run a business out of your home, your homeowners policy may not protect you. You may need a business policy to be adequately insured and protected. 

Contact an associate to review your individual circumstances today! 

We Want To Spotlight Our Agribusiness Partners 

Summer is filled with fun things to do with friends and family, but it is also filled with fresh produce! Join us as we celebrate our local farmers this summer. Visit our partner businesses in the links below by clicking the picture to explore the resources our Agribusiness clients have available to you. 

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