Contractors Insurance

Protecting Your Risk

With so much to keep up with, why should a contractor be responsible for having insurance for tools, equipment, automobiles, worker's health and well-being, liability, office and office equipment?  

As a contractor, you have put your heart and soul into growing your business.  Without insurance protection, one mishap could put you into bankruptcy. 

Insurance is about protecting your risk and aren't you worth it

What Types Of Contractors Need Insurance?

Any person or business working in construction trades: building construction, heavy construction, or home improvement. We offer coverage for every trade, including:

  • Contractors Insurance
  • Carpenter Insurance
  • Plumber Insurance
  • Handyman Insurance
  • Electrician Insurance
  • Masonry Insurance
  • Security Company Insurance
  • Home Builder Insurance
  • Developer Insurance
  • Renovation Insurance
  • Welding Insurance
  • Artisan Insurance

What is Covered? 

There is no "one-size-fits-all" insurance policy for contractors. 

Each contractor is different, their insurance protection can range from a standard policy to a combination of policies to provide the broadest insurance coverage possible.  Without insurance, a contractor might have to pay out-of-pocket for expensive damages or legal claims against their business.  

Here are some popular insurance lines many contractors purchase: 

  • General Liability Insurance. This is one of the most common insurance protection for all types of contractors.  This coverage can help protect you with attorney fees, damages your business is responsible for, and medical expenses to others.  
  • Workers Compensation Insurance.  This insurance is helpful when your employees get inquired while on the job.  This coverage may not be available for all states. 
  • Property Insurance.  This can also be called business property or commercial property, and can be a home office space or even a commercial space. 
  • Inland Marine and/or Equipment.  As a contractor, your business would not be possible without your tools and equipment.  Having insurance protection on these items is necessary, as accidents happen --tools get stolen.  
  • Bonds.  These can either be required by city law or county where a contractor is working, or may be required for a specific project.  Although these are not insurance products, but an agreement/contract between three parties, a bond ensures the service is performed and payment is received. 

Insurance keeps working, even after the job is done

Even when the job is finished, the potential liability from your work continues. 

Your insurance keeps protecting you from any accidents or faults that may allegedly result from work you’ve overseen or performed. In the trades, you need a solid contractor insurance policy that keeps working to protect you long after you have moved to the next job site.

Optional Protection To Consider 

The list of coverage areas that need to be considered with your contractors insurance include:

We Make It Simple

Every contractor's business is different--the type of business you own, the size, number of employees, and the type of work you do will have an impact on the type of protection you need. 

You do not have to go it alone -- we are here to help!

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We look forward to helping you by shopping insurance companies to find the right balance of insurance protection for your contracting business.

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