Business Property Insurance

When you think about your business property, its easy to think about the big, pricey items first. But, it’s often the smallest pieces of your business that are the most important.

A well-planned business property insurance policy will help you weather the loss of vital property -- both small and large. With this policy, you will be protected for the replacement cost of all of your vital property.

Worried about the costs?

The least expensive option may not provide the right business property insurance protection for your business. 

We make every effort to keep insurance costs low while protecting what matters most to you.  We are an independent agency and shop different insurance carriers to get the insurance coverage your business needs. 

Our property insurance can protect your business – from a minor setback to catastrophic loss. Even if you don’t own your building, lease a workspace, or work from home--having a policy to protect your business’ physical assets is vital to keep your business going. 

Property insurance plans vary depending on the kind of business and type of property insured.  Property is usually categorized by the type of event leading to a loss, and by what specifically is insured, including:

  • Destruction of your building and its contents by fire.
  • Damage to your documents caused by a burst water pipe.
  • Outdoor sign or other property damaged in a storm.

What does it cover?

Business property insurance is one of the easiest ways to ensure the future of your business. Here are some of the important aspects this insurance helps protect:

  • Your building
  • Your outdoor sign
  • Your furniture and equipment
  • Your inventory
  • Your fence and landscaping
  • Other’s property

The professionals at Consultative Insurance Group understand each business is unique. We take the time to help design a policy utilizing our consultative-approach to explore your business needs, offering a wide range of options that give you both flexibility and protection, at a price your business can afford.

Common types of coverage may also include:

  • Completed value coverage
  • Updated building codes
  • Loss of business income
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • Flood insurance
  • Earthquake Insurance
  • Utility services failure or damage
  • Inflation allowance
  • Transport of mobile equipment

Why We're Different

"Consultative...Its' the way we do business!"

We provide business insurance products and services, utilizing a consultative process to ensure you get the maximum protection available for your insurance dollar. 

We love what we do and providing the best insurance protection we can for your business is our primary function.   

Contact a member of our Business Sales Associates today, or complete "Request A Quote" form and one of our professionals will reach out to you to help protect what matters most.

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