Where Do You Embrace Your Wanderlust?

Where Do You Embrace Your Wanderlust?

| October 19, 2019
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I recently read an interesting article which challenged me to determine if I am a beach baby or a mountain lover.  They had some interesting concepts on how to determine personality characteristics based on whether one enjoys the beach or enjoys the mountains. 

Personally, I do prefer the mountains over the beach.  Even seeing the mountains in the near distance excites me - anticipating the arrival, the fresh air, the calm spirit, the challenges of hiking and immersing myself in the wilderness.  The rockier the mountains, the better the anticipation of among them.  I realize this may sound a bit silly, (particular if you are a beach person) but the mountains are my "go to" place to rejuvenate my spirit.  It tends to bring me back to life (and ideally, there is a hike to be mastered).  

Perhaps my love of the mountains began in my childhood--family vacations.  My parents graciously encouraged wanderlust as we drove cross country in the family van. These are few of my mountain vacation spot favorites from childhood to adulthood--- Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, The Four Corners, Pikes Peak , Great Smoky Mountains, Wizard of Oz Theme Park/Beech Mountain, Blue Ridge Parkway, Big Lynn Lodge/Little Switzerland--- so much that I attended Mars Hill University upon graduating from high school.  Yes, my parents did take us to a few beaches - Hilton Head Island (SC), Sanibel Island (FL), Edisto Beach Island (SC) - and although it was enjoyable, let's face it -- I have a fair complexion, and sitting in the sun results in my skin turning a painful red color--reducing my delight to soak in some warm sunshine rays.  When at the beach, I do enjoy walking on nature trails and on the beach. 

I asked my coworkers about some of their favorite places, and here are the results:

Bev -

Other than my family in Hawaii.   Surfside Beach, SC

Ryan -

Lake Tahoe- Fun and beautiful place. Amazing views, nightlife, snowboarding

Rachel -

My favorite place to visit is Disney World. Make fun of me all you want but when you find a place that is truly magical like Disney World, you will keep wanting to go back!

Vickie W -

Beach – any beach – so calming with the sound of the ocean!!!

Kindra -

NC Mountains—God’s country

No matter where your wanderlust encourages you to go -- just go and experience the spiritual refreshment you need!

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