What You Need To Know Before the Earthquake

What You Need To Know Before the Earthquake

| July 14, 2022
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Don't wait on the quake to wonder if you have earthquake insurance protection on your home or business property.  

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Feeling and hearing the earth move under your feet can be quite alarming - the thunderous rumbling, the swinging of lights, the vibrations that just seem to keep coming. 

Hydraulic Fracturing

In some areas of our country, some experience tremors caused by oil and gas drilling calling "fracking," where high powered water/sand/chemical mixture is drilled at rock layers to release gas.  This process can cause earth tremors and can be confused as "earthquakes." 

Recent Activity

According to the United States Geological Survey, 39 American states experience seismic activity in varying degrees.  One of the states is South Carolina, which on average has about 10 earthquakes each year due to the hundreds of fault lines cross the state.  Most of the quakes are small with few people noticing them.  However, this year seems to be quite active! Our Elgin, South Carolina residents have experienced over 20 earthquakes this year, with the most recent a magnitude of 3.6 around 1:30 AM on June 26th.  Even 75 miles away residents experienced a brief power outage! 

When Can You Add Earthquake Insurance Coverage To Your Property? 

Earthquake insurance is an optional coverage you can request to be included on your property policy, such as on your homeowners or business property policies.  This coverage can only be added one time each year -- at the policy renewal only.  

Waiting On Your Call

If you live on or near a fault line, consider the risks.  Do not wait -call today to speak with an insurance representative to receive your free earthquake insurance quote.


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