What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Service

What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Service

| October 01, 2020
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Don't just take our word for it - check out what these top 10 clients have to say about their service experience with our agency and our team! 

Rodolfo Novesteras 

"Our agent is always approachable, and helps with our inquiries. The company is reliable."

John Chester Jr. 

"I like Ron and we have never had a problem."

Christopher Delly

"Susan was professional, knowledgeable and provided me with several very reasonable quotes, one of each ultimately worked for me."

Samantha Ridgeway

"Vickie is so great and helpful! Took care of my new policy within hours from start to finish! I'm a fan!"

Celso Martinez

"Porsubuena atención y servicio muy buen modo para atender ala jente y su amabilidad de 10."

Association of Brooklyn Firefighters

"Kristina has always been very helpful and willing to answer questions and make sure we get the right coverage at a great rate!"

Charita Smith

"I like working with my agent, Tony Bester.  He is very knowledgeable about home and auto insurance.  When I make an insurance request, he works very hard to resolve my insurance issues quickly."

Mary Peters

"Chris is very helpful and timely!"

Larry Vance

"Good home town service."

Anna Schieferle

"Kathe DiMatteo is excellent! She has been my agent for 20 years."

Interested in learning more?  Now is a great time to learn what fresh new companies we have available! Most importantly, we would love to have you as a client -- Call 1.800.886.0305 or visit our website to find a team member mentioned in the testimonials! 

Consultative...It's the way we do business!

Consultative Insurance Group, Inc. 

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