What Is Your Earliest Memory?

What Is Your Earliest Memory?

| December 09, 2019
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I’ve read articles on this topic and it seems kind of strange to believe you would have trouble recalling your life from the moment you were born. But there is a disconnect from birth to 4 or 5 years old. I guess it is possible due to possible brain development may still be in the process. I am no physician, so I leave it up to mere speculation at best! 

Personally, I can recall a few memories at 5 years of age, possibly even younger if photographs are available to spark a moment in time. 

  • I saw a ghost in my bedroom of a large German Shepherd. It was Black and Tan and was standing alert, facing my doorway to my bedroom as if on guard. Moments like this you just never forget. 
  • I remember our sunken den area with is dark 1970’s wood panels on the walls. A harmony of colors— the brown of the walls and the green vinyl sofa created a warmth in the room. I have a vague memory of the kitchen area, just a step or two up from the den.
  • My best friends lived nearby—a boy, nicknamed “Thumper” and a grandson of my next door neighbor.
  • I ran away from home because my Mom would not allow me to play in the front yard. She had good reasons for not allowing me in the front yard—a major highway.  I was angry and rebelled by climbing over our wire fence and hid in my neighbor’s shed.  I should have gotten a spanking for that one, but she was really happy to see me when I finally came home. 
  • With the help of a photograph or two, I remember going to Disney World and to the SC State Fair with my parents, grandparents. 

Isn’t it interesting what our minds store up when we are young! As we age, we retain more and more moments without ever filling up! 

Now it is your turn.  Take a moment or two to ponder on your earliest memories and share! 

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