What Encourages You?

What Encourages You?

| March 15, 2021
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What encourages you in life?

Is it family? Financial success? Job well done? Or is it more basic than that? Perhaps the right song at the right moment can motivate you to press on! 

For me, it can be as easy as reading a good motivational quote.  I found the one below and it pretty much sets it in place -- the action is all on us -- we all have the ability to do whatever we set our minds on to do.  

Open-Ended Questions

If you have ever been on an interview, particularly a job interview, you have experienced the open-ended questions.  One of the most asked questions during an interview for a new career or job is "What motivates you?" By responding to this simple question, let's the interviewer know more about you, your attitude, you determination, and what drives you to succeed.  If you are planning on changing jobs, work on your 'elevator' speech on how you would answer this question.  

  • Keep your responses related to the job.
  • Smile when sharing your responses.
  • Be honest.
  • Be sincere.
  • It is okay to share positive work experiences. 
  • Have a response - being silent or lost in thought could leave the wrong impression on a potential new employer. 

Visual Board

Create a visual board -- all the things you want to accomplish in life -- it can be words or a collage of things you want have or want to achieve.  Place in a prominent place in your office or home where you can see it and be motivated to keep pressing forward.  Perhaps you always wanted a beautiful sailboat, wanted to take that Caribbean vacation or want to learn to sail -- a picture of a happy family on a sailboat may be just want you want to see to keep your determination going.  


Create Smart Goals! Smart goals are specific things you want to accomplish and you set a time line in which to do so.  To accomplish a goal, it is important to set steps in place to get you from point A to point B, by a certain time.  A goal without a plan or direction, might just be a wish!  To meet a goal - you have to motivate yourself to get there.  


Maybe you are motivated when there is a reward.  Incentives can be of your own choosing, but there also may be opportunities for incentives at work.  Talk with your manager to learn of opportunities of growth through incentives.  

Stay Hopeful

Remember you are human.  If one day your motivation decreases, do not give up hope.  Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to accomplish great works! 

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