Wacky Holidays of May

Wacky Holidays of May

| May 21, 2020
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Ever looked at a calendar and noticed the preset holidays, special religious dates, and the phases of the moon and wondered how many other special days are there? Maybe it's just me! I have checked it out for you -- and believe you me, you still have some pretty wacky ones to participate in before the month's end.  Let's jump right in and learn about a few extra holidays that are not printed on your daily planner!

Have You Ever Heard About These?

May 2:  Free Comic Book Day.  This "holiday" was brought about by an annual promotion effort for the United States comic book industry to encourage new readers.  This year there was to be a selection of 47 titles available for free and would appeal to the masses.  Due to COVID-19, this has been postponed to later in the summer, so you may still have an opportunity to check this out!

May 5:  International No Diet Day.  This "holiday" is an annual celebration of body acceptance -- no matter your shape.  No body-shaming here!

May 10:  National Clean Your Room Day.  (Seriously, my mom got this one all wrong! She led me to believe it was a daily chore -- not an annual one!) This holiday is all about that spring cleaning time of year -- decluttering, mending, opening up windows and airing out homes, and donating unused items or having a yard sale. 

May 11:  National Eat What You Want Day.  This "holiday" encourages us to give in to our favorite foods without worrying about the consequences of our actions.  What would you enjoy?  Would it be pizza? Chips? Cookies? Steak? The options are great!

May 14:  National Buttermilk Biscuit Day.  Ah, the mighty biscuit surely deserves a holiday, doesn't it?  My grandmother used to make the best biscuits! Growing up, I enjoyed them with sorghum and a bit of butter. These days, most biscuits are found in the freezer section of the grocery.  Making biscuits from scratch is a skill level which I have not acquired nor inherited! If you want to try, here is a good recipe to try. 

May 18:  National No Dirty Dishes Day.  (Seriously, I am not making these up.)  It's pretty self-explanatory, but it also could suggest that dining out should be done on this day so there would be no dirty dishes in your sink! Food items like hot dogs, burritos, hamburgers, and tacos come in a convenient holding container that you can either eat or toss in the trash!

May 20:  National Be A Millionaire Day.  We just missed it, but I won't tell if you won't! This one reminded me of a recent gift I received, "Everyday Millionaires" by Chris Hogan.  Being a millionaire is obtainable, we just have to make some behavioral changes, create a plan, and execute our plan.  To be a millionaire, what would I do for the day?  I would start early in the morning--before sunrise--and travel to a mountain peak to watch the sunrise.  Followed by an afternoon of exploring Ireland and catching up with old friends, and winding down the day at home with my family.  How would you spend your day?

May 24:  National Scavenger Hunt Day.  Now this is a holiday I could get into! I love a good scavenger hunt.  Did you know?  Elsa Maxwell is credited for creating scavenger hunts for her elaborate parties in the 1930's.  Scavenger hunts can consist of riddles, pictures, or objects to collect.  The rules can vary - but basically, just no purchasing the items you are looking for.  This game can be enjoyed by all ages! Create your own or Google to enjoy with your family and friends.

Every One Is Different

Each month carries its own version of wacky holidays, and May is not an exception! Explore other months to learn of interesting days and how they came about! For some the history is pretty obvious, and others you may have to dig a little deeper.  For the upcoming months, pick a new holiday in which to celebrate and share with us your adventures!

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