Top 10 Client Testimonials

Top 10 Client Testimonials

| August 24, 2020
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Check out what our client's think about us! 

Wayne Powers Sr. 

"I have been a customer of Consultative Insurance Group for over 32 years.  I have never had any kind of issue with this organization."

Ruth Marshall 

"I have been with Consultative Insurance Group for many years -- great A+ customer service!"

Lloyd Goldman

"Michelle is always helpful and answers our questions in a timely fashion."

Richard Bischof

"I love your services and people; prices are a little high, seems like they go up every year, but I have been a customer for 46 years."

Randi Urbansky

"It gives us a sense of security to have all our insurance needs met by Consultative Insurance Group."

Joyce Shirley

"Very, very knowledgeable when it is time to renew my policy. Michelle is at the top when I see or talk with her.  Continue the excellent work, Michelle."

John Mulvihill

"We have always been treated well by Nationwide Insurance and the Consultative Insurance Group.  I would absolutely recommend them to anyone that would ask me."

Charleen Soloky

"I really like my insurance agent, Vickie, and she always takes good care of my needs."

Bernard Peroni Jr

"Kathe has been great to work with and takes care of all my needs."

Little Italy Wines

"Competitive pricing and quick responses to questions."

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