Tips on Showing Encouragement to Others

Tips on Showing Encouragement to Others

| July 16, 2020

It only takes a moment to brighten up someone's day.  It could be a smile, a friendly wave of "hello" or a simply being there.  With COVID-19 lingering, some of these simple gestures may be a bit challenging with social distancing and masks, so we may need to brainstorm and come up with other ways of showing we care.  

Here's what Our Team had to say: 

Vickie Williams:  Saying "Thank You!" 

Beth Bilbrey:  Practicing small acts of kindness. 

Susan Jones:  Ghost hug-- you can't feel it, but it's there!

Mariela Castillo Couch: Sending a "Thinking of You" card.

All of these are terrific places to show gratitude! 

One thing I have noticed lately on social media, is the written expressions of who or why people wear masks. With these masks comes the challenging part of sharing a smile with a friend.  Have you found yourself sharing a smile with your eyes when you greet them?  Or a wave -- from 6' away, of course!

As we continue social distancing, write a short note, send a funny postcard or do a virtual call to show your beautiful smile.  There are many ways to show someone you care -- hopefully these few suggestions will help you on your way!