Tips About Keeping Calm During Earthquakes

Tips About Keeping Calm During Earthquakes

| July 26, 2021

Growing up in the Southeast of the United States, there were not a whole lot of discussions or topics about earthquakes.  Matter-of-fact, I do not recall personally experiencing an earthquake until February 14, 2014 after 10:00pm. 

There was a loud helicopter sound and a vibration on the floor-- caused the hanging light fixture to sway-- both which seemed to last for a long time, but was more likely a few seconds.  It was a fearful experience, and one that I do not care to experience again. 

The 4.1 magnitude earthquake epicenter occurred west northwest of the City of Edgefield -- and not too far from the town of Saluda, SC -- and too much of a reminder that we don't have life under our control.  


Earthquakes are sudden and caused by the shifting of rock beneath the earth's surface.  I have to be honest, the first chance I got, I reviewed my homeowner insurance to see if we had added earthquake insurance.  We had.  Fortunately, we did not experience any damage to our home during this earthquake.  But it was comforting with the piece of mind knowing that I had the coverage ahead of time, in case we did.   

On a standard homeowner insurance policy, earthquake coverage can be added, all you need to do is request the coverage.  In 2018, 11% of homeowners said they had earthquake insurance, with the Western portions of the US having more earthquake insurance on their homes, than those in the South and Northeast.  

Earthquake insurance has a deductible, usually between 2% and 20% of the replacement cost of your home.  The policyowner can usually select the percentage of responsibility they prefer. 

Typical coverage provided under this endorsement is 1) damage to your home, 2) personal property, and 3) additional living expenses.  Not everything is covered under this insurance:  damages to your cars or trucks, fencing, pool, landscaping, and even your scheduled personal property or collectibles inside your home, may be excluded.  

Worth It

Review with your agent, especially if you live in one of the 42 states with a known risk for earthquakes, to determine if this coverage may be beneficial for you.  You can also have your homeowner's policy quoted with earthquake and without it to determine the true cost to you.  

We Would Like To Help

Our licensed and knowledgeable associates are ready to help you with your earthquake questions.  Give us a call today:  (440) 235-1442.  We are licensed in multiple states (OH, SC, NC, IN, FL, GA, MA, IL, ME, MI, NJ, PA, UT, WI, AZ and TX) and are ready to help.