Think Testimonials Are Too Good to Be True? We Have News for You

Think Testimonials Are Too Good to Be True? We Have News for You

| December 21, 2020

We've taken the top 20 most recent testimonials received from our clients and shared with you here. 


Many of our clients have been referred to contact us for their insurance because a family member or a friend suggested they do so. 

We take care of our clients and treat them like we would want to be treated if we were the client. 

Read a few testimonials and give us a call to learn how we can help make getting the right insurance for you and your budget through our consultative-buying process.  

Sheila Robinson

"For the time we have been with Nationwide the consultants have been great.  They are always there to help.  Mary will tell you I call her about any questions; she gets right on it.  Now we have Honor Taylor.  She is just like Mary.  No question is a dumb question and I really appreciate that.  If you look at my age,  you can see I'm not a spring chicken anymore and my husband and I, both need and appreciate all the help which has been given to us.  When I had an accident and it wasn't our fault, the company was really there to help us. Looking forward to staying with the company. "

John Aylward

"Responsive, knowledgeable."

Christin Coughlin

"Very kind and friendly.  Helped me through the process of getting insurance for the first time.  I was clueless! Never made me feel stupid for asking questions.  Highly recommend."

Thomas Burke

"You helped me."

Deneen King

"I have been with Nationwide Insurance for forty years.  I think that speaks for itself."

Kathleen Kern

"Everyone in the office is very helpful - if they don't know the answer to a question, they find someone that can help!!!"

Bob Rice

"Kristine, you were extremely helpful in assisting us with our liability insurance renewal.  You made the process easier than it has ever been. Thanks so much!"

David McDermott

"Efficient-friendly-always there when we need you!"

Bob Death

"I had a question and left a voicemail with Ms. Kristine Scoon, and was pleasantly surprised to have a live response in less than 24 hours."

Karen Naklizki

"Kristine Scoon is a very professional and helpful agent.  She helped with my homeowners insurance."

Brook McCraw

"Kristine has been amazing with helping us.  She has answered every question I had and went above and beyond if she couldn't answer it."


"Just a quick note to let you know what EXCELLENT hands I was in on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 when an enormous 100 year old, 90 foot tree decided to rot at it's base and crash across my house - just 4' from my bed!  It was 5:20 a.m. - and it was by far the scariest, loudest moment anyone would ever imagine for in his lifetime! The firemen and police were explicit in telling me 3 things that should be done: They would call CEI and have the huge, snowy pine boughs removed from all the wires. Call my insurance company immediately.  Go to a hotel until safety was secured.  And that is why I am writing to you.  I emailed my 2 favorite Consultative professionals, Kathy and Kathe.  It was too early to call, so I emailed an emergency request for help. Seconds after I hit "enter", Team Kathy(e) were on the phone to me, calming me down, reassuring me, and opening my claim for me.  They were my friends and my confidants then, as they have been for many years. Platinum Restoration and Out of a Limb both arrived at my home SAME DAY to secure my safety and begin the process of tree removal and repair.  They fought through high winds, and the 18" of wet, heavy, snow that fell that day at my house in the snow belt.  Nationwide's adjuster, Tyler Carrell, arrived the very next morning all the way from Columbus, despite the continuing snowy weather.  The immediate coordination of help was amazing. Team Kathy(e) have followed up numerous times with me this month since the crashing tree, with emails, phone calls and texts.   Even Ron called me immediately! No one, but no one, could ever have experienced such wonderful care and assistance from any Insurance Company."

Kristi Klingman

"Kristina is my contact at Consultative Insurance.  I'm in contact with her sometimes 4-5 times per week mostly for Certificates of Insurance.  She's always prompt with getting things to me.  She is really easy to work with and I'm glad she's our main contact."

Jane Whaley 

"Insurance is not easy or friendly, and it's hard to find a responsive agent.  Susan and Julie always respond to our inquiries and have a way of putting our fears at ease.  She has even come out to our house during a claim situation."

Peter Makris 

"Susan, Thanks for helping us reduce the rates of our home and auto insurance.  It's also been a pleasure to work with you guys for the last ten years."

Meri & Tim Almond 

"I just wanted to say thank you for saving the day yet again by helping me with Katherin's policy.  Susan Jones is the best insurance agent in the Carolinas!"

Katherin Almond

"I came to Susan looking to purchase car insurance for the first time, and she was extremely helpful! She helped me to figure out what coverage I needed, and made sure it was in my price range.  She responded to all phone calls and emails quickly, as well as was able to get me covered quickly.  She is super sweet, and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for insurance!"

Sandra Saponari

"Tony has always been helpful when I have to reach out."


"I have been dealing with Vickie Williams for years with all of my insurance needs.  She has always been readily available or prompt to answer my call.  She has always been extremely courteous, professional and an all around pleasure to deal with! Thanks Vickie for all you do!!"

James Shea

"I give you a ten because you have always kept me informed.  You found the most cost effective method to meet my insurance needs and because anytime I call, anyone who answers the phone is pleasant and willing to help."

As you see from our client's testimonials - we make insurance easy!

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