The Best Music To Listen To At Work

The Best Music To Listen To At Work

| May 25, 2020
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Whistle while you work….what’s your favorite tune?

The seven dwarves in Snow White enjoyed a bit of music while they worked, and it worked well for them!

Our team shares their top music genres: 

Vickie M – Talk Radio or The Bridge on Sirus

Mary – If I listen to the radio, it’s 96.5 Jack FM an alternative station out of Seattle…otherwise it’s Pandora or Spotify.

Ryan – I rarely listen to music at work, but when I do, it is through Pandora: CCR radio, Tom Petty radio, Grateful Dead radio or Sublime radio.

    Sue – Instrumental Chill Radio

Yvonne – 70’s music; I change it up with some bluegrass and Christian music.

Victoria – I listen to Pandora all day. This week it’s Dave Brubeck Radio. Last week, Stevie Ray Vaughn. I’m an ecclectic girl.

Mariela – La Mega 97.9 NYC

Bev – I can’t listen to music and work. I start singing along and lose my train of thought!

Tammy – 95.5 The Fish (Christian music)

Susan – Christmas music all year for me.

Vickie W – I like K-Love (Christian music) – it’s uplifting. I also enjoy Old Rock and Roll – it takes me back to when I was younger! LOL.

Beth – I listen to Spotify – either podcast or a 90’s or 2000’s playlist.

Michelle – I have a confession: I don’t listen to any music. I should turn on the radio in the office to Q104.1. Outside of work, I listen to Old Rock and Roll, Classical, and Jazz. I think my favorite song is by Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody. I’ll sing along in the car but my son doesn’t like my singing – too high.

Kindra – Either spa music, Eric Church radio or Bonnie Raitt radio are my normal Pandora “go-to” stations.

Joe -- I don't listen to music that often.  I prefer talk radio (sports mostly, sometimes politics).  But when I do, it's usually an Irish Pandora station. 

Did your favorite make the cut?  We'd love to hear what inspires your work day!

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