Teen Drivers and Insurance

Teen Drivers and Insurance

| July 06, 2020
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It is a rite of passage when teenagers get their driver's license!  The thought of being able to travel independently of their parents is equivalent to freedom! When this time comes, parents and/or guardians of these teenagers will want to contact their insurance agent to add their fledgling driver onto their insurance policy. 

When is the right time?

  • The most common time to add your teenager driver to your insurance policy is when they receive their permanent driver's license. 

What about driver's permits?

Yes, there can be other incidents while driving under a permit, a teenage driver may be required to be added onto your insurance policy:

  • If they are involved in a car accident (regardless of whose fault it is).
  • If they receive a traffic ticket.
  • They own their own car and purchase their own insurance policy.

What about joint-custody?

If a teenager has divorced parents, they are not required to be listed on both parent's insurance policies.  A parent will need to provide their insurance company with proof of current insurance, showing the teenage driver listed on their former partner's insurance policy. 

We hope this information is helpful to you.  To learn more, please contact your insurance agent or contact Consultative Insurance Group at service@consultus4ins.com, 1.800.886.0305 or visit us at our website

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