Team Poll: Best Place To View Fall Leaves

Team Poll: Best Place To View Fall Leaves

| October 01, 2019
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Our Favorite Fall Places

Everyone seems to have a special place they venture to take in the beautiful transformation of tree leaves from green to a multitude of wonderous colors!

You may have your own favorite place - and we'd love to hear about it -- but if you do not, take a tip or two from our Consultative Insurance Group team to find your new favorite place!

Cheryle Waller:  I think the best place to go view the fall leaves is Asheville, NC.  The mountains turn colors and are such a wonder to behold.  There are a lot of lookouts where you can pull your car over and just enjoy the beauty.  Asheville has a small-town quality to it, but there is a lot to do there. Biltmore House is there, hotels, shopping and the winery.    It is just a great place to visit.

Vickie McDonald:  The only beautiful leaves I see are what turns yellow and brown outside my window and then fall to the ground!

Paul Petrilla:  Anywhere in the Cleveland MetroPark system.

Vickie Williams:  I love to go to Maggie Valley, NC and just travel all around to see the leaves changing color -- God's work at hand!

Tony Santilla: In the fall, Sage’s in Chardon OH and Patterson’s in Chesterland OH both have fun family events.  Both have very large farms with wagon rides, games, snacks and corn mazes while enjoying the changing leaves. 

Kindra Smith:  Anywhere on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina or traveling around Amish Country in Ohio.

Julie Chowning:  The best place to view the fall leaves is Gatlinburg, TN because you are just surrounded by trees colored by God's paint brush.


Paula Coots:  To me the best place is Lincoln, NH.  Why? Have you been there??? In the White Mountains, Franconia Notch State Park, hike on the boardwalk that passes through the Flume Gorge.  It is at the base of Mount Liberty.  (Remember, fall comes early up there!) I have not been to too many places on earth, but so far this is MY FAVORITE!

Rachel Simmerer:  The best place to view the fall leaves is Gatlinburg, TN!

Bev Drake:  Our MetroParks here in Ohio or in Caribou, Maine, where I used to live are great places to see the fall leaves. 

Beth Bilbrey:  Hinckley Reservation -- they have great hiking and a paved path to walk around and a great outlook to look out and see all the colors.

One thing is certain, the kaleidoscope of leave colors encourage traveling near and far.  

Give us a call, stop in for a visit, or visit our website for a quick review -- or just let us know what your favorite place is!

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