Simple Guidance For You When Creating Tofu Ice Cream

Simple Guidance For You When Creating Tofu Ice Cream

| November 28, 2019
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A few years ago, I went on a binge of collecting and trying healthy recipes and found one to share with my family:  Tofu Ice Cream.  That's right - you read correctly - TOFU Ice Cream.  I should have known from the start to not even try such a thing, but the bean chocolate chip cookies turned out so well....

Simple things are not always good

The ingredients were simple, and the photograph of the finished product seemed delightfully creamy with chunks of Oreo cookies mixed throughout.   I was instantly "inspired!" 

  • Cool Whip
  • Oreos
  • Softened Tofu

I followed the recipe to a "T" and was so happy to be creating a frozen dessert that would actually be good for me! Then, I looked at the finished product. 

My "tofu ice cream dream" was supposed to be white with chunks of Oreo throughout.  It was gray with tiny chocolate dots at best. 

No matter -- I pridefully served it into small paper cups to share with my parents and siblings.  This was going to be life-changing!

My Dad was the first to speak up.  "It has some kind of filler to it." 

I smiled gleefully, anticipating his praise on such creativity for a healthy dish everyone would enjoy for years to come.

The truth is revealed

I had shared the special ingredient with my Mom and she had set into a fit of giggling at this point.

Finally, I caved and shared the ingredient.  "It's got tofu in it." 

My brother's question was "Why is it gray?" 

I shared what it was supposed to look like and let's face it -- I totally "nailed it" when the food processor did its job so well, the Oreo chunks were pureed! (Thus, the lovely unappetizing color of gray!)

Never again

The tofu ice cream was definitely a life-changing moment.  And even though I tossed out the recipe and swore never to make it again, any time I make a recipe, there is an immediate reservation that comes with cautious questioning from my immediate family.  They will not be fooled again to try some crazy gray ice cream!

Totally going to save you some time and effort -- leave the tofu ice cream up to the experts! Do not try unless you prefer gray ice cream.

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