Sharing Joy

Sharing Joy

| February 20, 2020
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Do not judge a book by its cover

Oftentimes, we find ourselves looking at others as though they have the secrets to a happy life figured out.  The truth is, they may not. What you might be seeing is someone who figured out their purpose or their “why” and they may live that out at their workplace, in public, or at home, or in other activities.

Light, love, and positive energy

For me, my “why” is what prompted me to start Pinot’s Palette and enter into the Paint and Sip entertainment industry. 

While working in mortgages, I found that many people were struggling for various reasons, and this inspired me to find a creative way to put some light, love, and positive energy into the world.  I realized the person crying on the phone could be someone I walked by at the grocery store – you just never know what someone is going through. 

Here we are 4 years later---still painting, creating, and having fun! 

A painter's haven

Pinot’s Palette brings people out-- solo, with their partners, BFF’s, coworkers and neighbors.  We offer a fun place to celebrate birthdays, weddings, graduations, reunions and more. It’s super inclusive because you can be a party of 6 or 90 or everything in between.  We even have had 4 generations painting here at the same time! 

People enjoy family-friendly opportunities where they can come together, relax and create art.

Although we have no control over life outside our walls, inside we offer a calming haven where the stresses of life are put on hold!  Come, immerse yourself in the step-by-step creation of one-of-a-kind artistic pieces!  You will amaze yourself with the end result--even when you didn’t believe you could when you walked in! 


I always wonder when people leave the studio, what else they will go out and try!  Will their creation here inspire them to take more opportunities and try something they didn’t think they could do--and doing it better than they imagined?  I hope so! Remember:  You never know until you try. 

My purpose--my “why” is putting joy into the world and my “what/how” is painting and creating art. 

All you need is to figure out your “why” and how to put it into action. Once you do, people will start looking at you like you have the secrets all figured out.  Nope – you’re just living your purpose!

 Pinot's Palette - Olmsted Falls   |   8051 Columbia Road, Olmsted Falls, OH   |

Enjoy this photo of 4 unique versions of the same painting.  We provide the platform, but you get to do the rest! 

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