All You Need Is Love, and Pet Insurance

All You Need Is Love, and Pet Insurance

| November 09, 2020
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Meet Love 

Meet our furry diva, Love.  She likes to believe she rules the roost in our house.  We adopted her through a rescue organization near Charlotte, NC about 6 years ago, and she has turned out to be quite the star in our family.  Love's bio:  She likes meeting new people and socially friendly pups.  She loves her person (my husband) and likes me.  Her favorite activities are being with her people, lounging, going for rides, going to Indian Creek Pet Resort, exploring the outdoors and smelling, creek hiking, hiking and sunning.   Her favorite toys include "Punoy the Platypus," Beaver aka "Beeva Las Vegas,"  Prized Pig, and Sheep.  If the toy crinkles or squeaks -- she's in love! Her dislikes: allergy shots and getting a bath.  

Getting Real with Love 

As with any new pets, there was a transition period of training for our family and Love.  She had separation anxiety issues and working with our local vet, Indian Creek Pet Resort Daycare and Boarding, and our local obedience trainer, we were able to help her become more independent and confidence.  One thing we noticed immediately - no matter the size of your pet -great responsibility comes with larger dogs -- like larger bills when it comes to her care and well-being.  Love is a great laid back girl -- with allergies and occasional paw issues -- which translates into in addition to her regular annual well-being visit, quarterly allergy shots, occasional antibiotics for her paw issues, and the ever pleasant, anal gland expression.  This plus the her daily vitamins, can really add up.  Notice I didn't mention her food? Fortunately, she has moved off of grain-free (per the vet's guidance), and moved to the mature dog food, plus her treats, plus the canned dog food, and the peanut butter (with no Xylitol). Even though Love is worth the expense and cost, if we weren't prepared, we would have been in trouble from the start, particularly with her veterinarian needs. 

Help Is Here

Recently, I learned of an opportunity that I am excited to share with you.  I was chatting with one of my coworkers, and Kathe mentioned both her dogs are covered by pet insurance. She went on to include her dog, Cooper, had cancer and had a leg amputated ($$$$-$$$$$)  -- and get this -- his pet insurance covered and nearly paid the entire cost of the procedure! Wow!  I wanted to learn more! 

If this pet insurance would cover that, what other kinds of treatment would it cover? In addition to cancer treatments and surgeries, I found out even some of the less complex items could be covered by insurance! 

  • Broadest Coverage available -- use any vet, anywhere, and get cash back on vet bills
  • Veterinary exam fees
  • X-rays
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Prescription medicine
  • Anal gland expression 
  • Flea Control
  • Spray or Neuter
  • Heartworm protection

Additional coverage depends on the plan selected:  

  • Whole Pet with Wellness
  • Major Medical with Pet Wellness Rider
  • Major Medical

Super Easy to Get a Quote! 

I am really surprised how easy it was to get a quote.  All I needed to get started was to click here for pet insurance, and

  • select I have a dog (initially it gave me the option to select either Dog or Cat, but in the next screen, if you have exotic pets or birds, you can select that option!),
  • input her name
  • my ZIP code and then 
  • Get Started....

Literally, it was that easy! There are just a few additional questions to answer about the breed and size, then it gives you the option to select which plan works best for you and your pet.  

By having Pet Insurance, this definitely helps financially whether you are adopting an older or younger breed -- and includes exotics like bird, rabbit, reptile or other exotic pet -- as the cost of owning and caring for a pet can become costly.  I'm happy to learn we have options!  Getting Love the protection she deserves is important, after all, she is a diva and deserves it! 

Consultative Insurance Group, Inc

"Consultative...It's how we do business!" 

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