Not Breaking A Sweat During Tornado Season

Not Breaking A Sweat During Tornado Season

| May 03, 2021
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Unless you are a  meteorologist, this may not be one of your favorite spring weather moments:  A tornado watch. When I was a child, "The Wizard of Oz" was always televised around this time of year.  Who can forget the twisting and howling of the cyclone, snatching Dorothy's home from its very foundation and disappearing into the spinning blackness away from everything familiar.  Definitely instilled a sense of fear and panic in me when the very mention of a tornado is possible.

Tornado Alley

Did you know there are some states more prone to tornadoes than others? While I always think of Oklahoma, it actually takes the number 4 in the lineup!  The term "Tornado Alley" has been replaced with "Dixie Alley." This new term relates to those states which seem to receive significant destruction from tornadoes.  Just the other night, I heard of a Walmart ceiling which collapsed from heavy hail due to a dangerous storm.  The news media are great in keeping us up-to-date with storms which bring the potential of tornadic weather and severe thunderstorms.

Have A Plan

The weather station alerts us via news media, radio, and even our cell phones of impending danger of a tornado.  How can we prepare? 

With these simple tips, you can create your own emergency plan/kit.

  • Pick an inside room or a space within your home that is away from windows.  This could be a bathtub, closet, or laundry room, if you do not have a basement space or storm cellar.  This room should be on the lowest floor of your home. 
  • If you are driving, do not stop under an overpass or try to outrun the twister.  
  • Go to a more substantial building if you live in a mobile home, like a neighbor's frame, brick or mortar home.   
  • Include blankets and/or mattresses to pile on top of you for additional barriers to reduce injury from splintering wood and flying glass/debris. 

    Have extra batteries for a radio, or a fully charged battery pack to keep your cell phone charged, should the power go out. 

  • Listen to the NOAA Weather radio or a local channel to keep up-to-date with the changing weather patterns. 

  • Include a first-aid kit with basic antiseptic ointment, band-aids and bandage wraps in your designated room or space. 
  • For edible items, include bottled water, and canned or dried foods.  
  • Remember to include your pet's food and medication as well. 

Other items to include for severe weather would be a household inventory of your personal contents with serial numbers, pictures, and/or video.  Or the contact information of your insurance agent.

Home Inventory

As insurance agents, we encourage everyone to complete a home inventory of all the items inside their home that are not permanently attached.  For customized items, including a picture or video, serial number and estimated current value is also ideal. 

Not comfortable keeping this information in your home? We can attach your captured documentation to your home insurance account with Consultative Insurance Group!

We'd love to have you as a client--reach out to any member of our team, and we'll pair you with an amazing team member! 

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