"Mom, Can I Take The Car?"

"Mom, Can I Take The Car?"

| November 17, 2021
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"Mom, Can I Take The Car?"

The dreaded request heard by parents of teens all across the country. Your teen driver wanting to take the car for their first solo journey. In an instant the alarms start going off in your head. What if they break down? What if they get into an accident? What if, what if, what if?

What if YOU can allay those fears?

Having a teen driver in the household can be a frightening and exciting time for everyone. They have a new found sense of freedom and so do you! Imagine needing a last minute item from the grocery store? Running a quick errand bolsters your new driver's self esteem and gives you that extra few minutes you needed. The confidence to toss them the car keys comes much more easily when you and they have done the necessary prep work. And how can you prepare them for the open road?

One of the most impactful ways is what I tell every parent who has an up and coming young driver. "When they are in the car with you, THEY need to be behind the wheel". There is no better teacher than practice. The best practice they can get is under the supervision of a patient parent. Is it probably easier at times to just do the driving yourself? Sure it might be quicker, but do you really need the practice?

Every mile behind the wheel is all that much more time they have to improve their skills. 

Along with practice, open and honest communication with your teen about the responsibility that comes along with driving is paramount.

The number one cause of accidents is driver inattention.

This reality has been proven to be even more challenging in today’s world. Cell phones and the need for constant communication have compounded this problem. Encourage your teen to set their cell phone to automatically respond to texts and calls while they are driving. A short "I am driving, I will respond once I am done" will give others a heads up and help them to not be tempted to use their phone while driving.

Before long your teen will have the confidence and skill necessary for them to set out on the open road!


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