Mallard Duckling #722

Mallard Duckling #722

| August 06, 2019
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A couple of weeks ago, a coworker, Bev Drake, and her daughter, Laurie, found a tiny duckling in a parking lot.  They looked around for the mother and found only broken eggs.  They noticed the duckling had a bent foot, which may have prevented it from leaving with its mother and siblings.


Bev and Laurie carefully put the duckling in a little box with holes and took it to Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, at Bay Village, OH. 

The wildlife team determined this duckling to be a baby Mallard and gave it a number: #722.  The wildlife staff took the duckling and made it a little boot to correct it's bent foot. 

They were given a telephone number and email to call and check on the status of duckling #722.

Unfortunately even with our best attempt, we received news that duckling #722 did not survive. 

Here are tips to abide by should you find an abandoned duckling:

  • Look around to see if you see the mother.  A good rule of thumb is to monitor the duckling for a couple of hours to see if the mother will return.
  • If the duckling truly appears to be abandoned, wear gloves whenever possible, and carefully pick up duckling and place in a container or box with a towel. 
  • Immediately contact/take the duckling to the nearest wildlife rehabilitation center. 
  • Do not pet or handle the duck more than necessary.
  • Do not allow other animals to get near.
  • Do not attempt to keep and raise the duckling. 

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