Last Minute Vacation Tips by the Consultative Insurance Group Team

Last Minute Vacation Tips by the Consultative Insurance Group Team

| July 29, 2021
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As summer is winding down, our team has a few suggestions if you are planning on squeezing in a few days on vacation.  

Vacation Activity Suggestions

What is your/are your favorite things to do while on vacation:

Victoria – scuba diving

Yvonne – sunbathing

Kristina – laying on raft in the ocean and relaxing to the waves.  Jetsking

Tammy Sue – visiting with friends and seeing our friend who is a chef at the Canadian pavilion at EPCOT

Vickie – going to beach or mountains –anytime to spend with family and friends

Michelle – being far away from the phones and family. Cruising for me is the relaxation sitting in the sun on the ship, breathing in the ocean air and enjoying the sounds.  Unplug from all electronics.

Ryan – Explore and meet new people.

 Are You A Beach Person? 

What is your favorite thing about the beach?

Victoria – spending time with my family and fishing.

Yvonne – Good old sunshine from the beach and nice temps in the mountains, spending time with loved ones and making great memories.

Tracy – I find comfort in being in the water under a nice blanket of sunshine.  I also oddly enough love the smell of suntan lotion.

Tammy Sue – I love the sound of the beach.  The waves crashing against the ground and the rocks.

Vickie – the sound, the smell and the sun setting over the water


Are The Mountains Where You Need to Be? 

What is your favorite thing about the mountains?

Tammy Sue – I’ll go to be with my friends, but I am allergic to the trees, especially the evergreen trees and grass.

Beth – the view

Vickie – riding thru the mountains, curvy roads – especially on a motorcycle

Weighing Out Traits That Distinguish Which Makes For A Better Vacation Spot 

What part of your personality/personality traits make you a “beach” person or a “mountain” person?

Maria – exploring the unknown and not getting hurt doing it. Lol

Yvonne – my family wen to the beach every summer.  I have so many memories of me and my mom jumping the waves.

Tammy Sue – My memories of vacation time with my family circled around the beach and Disney.  The waves are unpredictable and I can be that way sometimes at home.  I can be spontaneous.

Sue – I have to say I love them both.  Mountains are rugged and majestic and beautiful.  They make me feel free; they can be thrilling and have brought me to tears.  The Beach I love for the sound of the waves, the warm sand under my feet.  I feel serene and calm drinking in the ocean air.

Michelle – I love driving through the mountains to go down to the southern states for the views which are breathtaking.  The air is clean and fresh.  I need to stay longer.  I don’t get to the beach too often, rarely but the sound of the waves lulls me to sleep.

Tracy – I am a flip flops and toes in the sand kinda girl! I’m a summer baby and every year I go to the beach for my birthday.  Helps that I live close to Lake Erie.  Not the same as a salt water beach, but I love it! #LakeErieLife

Kindra – I know it surprises no one that I am a mountain person, but have just always felt “connected” to the serene peace in the views, the nature surrounding me when walking through the woods or by a creek/river.  It’s literally the only place I wake up early (with no alarm set) and am pulled out of bed just to watch the sun rise as the birds chirp around me.  As for the beach, I love its beauty too, and the wide openness that it presents, but let’s face it – what am I going to do in the sun with this skin????

Hopefully, our tips and suggestions for the beach and/or the mountains helped you and your family determine which is the best place to spend your last few days of vacation before school starts again or the weather turns cooler.  

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