Jump Start Your Day

Jump Start Your Day

| June 25, 2020

We all have our daily rituals, particularly during a work week.  I start my day with exercise, followed by time with Jesus aka Bible and devotional time.  Others may start their day with a warm beverage and watching the morning news, while others enjoy lingering in slumber as long as possible.  It got me thinking about our team and what items they depend on each day.  I asked a few, and here is what they shared: 

Beth Bilbrey:  Does coffee count?

Michelle Sharp:  I'm with Beth.  My day doesn't really start until I have my first cup of coffee.

Vickie Williams:  Bible and my Mountain Dew - LOL!

Honor Taylor:  Coffee has my vote too!

Vickie McDonald:  Coffee!

Bev Drake:  Don't drink coffee, but I start with a cup of tea.

Ryan Smith:  Computer and phone

Kindra Smith:  Grace, Hubby, Bulldogs, Coffee, and our team!!

Mariela Castillo Couch:  Electricity! We've lost power twice in the past week.  I would add to my needs list a green smoothie and a good sense of humor.

Yvonne Walters:  Coffee is a MUST

Susan Jones:  Cherry Coke and family (human and furry!)

Cheryle Waller: I depend on my alarm clock and Pepsi to get started.

As you see, we all have a few items and/or rituals to get our day started.  Consider your own items you depend on each day.  We'd love to hear from you!