Is Golf Cart Insurance A Waste of Money?

Is Golf Cart Insurance A Waste of Money?

| June 03, 2021
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Golf carts are pretty convenient– they make it super easy to zip around the golf course, the neighborhood, the beach, while on vacation, or even motoring around in your own yard.  No drivers license is required, there usually are no seatbelts involved, and generally, it does not require the same restrictions and rules as a motor vehicle or ATV/UTV.  While it may be the preferred motorized choice in some towns, others may prohibit or restrict certain areas to golf carts.

What Happens If Have An Accident or Your Golf Cart Is Stolen?

Without golf cart insurance, and depending on if the accident happened while the cart was on your property, there may be insurance protection under your homeowner’s policy.  But it’s best not to wonder and worry.  Golf cart insurance is an affordable and recommended insurance plan to help provide protection for you, your passengers, and your golf cart. 

But what happens if there is no insurance coverage?  Then you could be looking at garnished wages – current and future or even law suits.  Even though the speeds of golf carts are usually 15 miles per hour or more, people forget these are not toys.  They are fun to drive.  They make it easier than pulling out and driving your car or truck.  While they are convenient, keep in mind there are some unfavorable and ugly facts about the golf cart experience. 

Unfavorable Facts

  • Lack safety features (no seatbelts, directional signals, brake lights, wipers and mirrors)
  • They often share the same roads as cars/trucks.
  • Lack of seriousness when driving; young children or other inexperienced drivers
  • Roll over
  • Occupants can be ejected easily
  • Falling from cart
  • Too many occupants
  • Driving too fast; suddenly braking.
  • Distracted driving
  • Hazardous terrain
  • Colliding with a stationary object

Types of Injuries Received

  • Cuts and scrapes
  • Traumatic brain or skull injuries
  • Spinal Injuries with partial or complete paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Concussion
  • Internal bleeding
  • Damaged ego

Do You Have To Have Insurance?

While many states may not require you to carry insurance protection on your golf cart, it is a recommended practice to do so, particularly if you are operating the cart off of your homeowner property.  Your golf cart is not automatically covered under your home nor your auto insurance policy.  It has its own policy, and is quite affordable. 

What Kind Of Insurance Do I Need?


If you would like to have coverage on the physical cart itself, then you should include collision coverage on your plan.  Anytime you take your cart off of your property, you are putting yourself at risk without this coverage.  Without collision insurance protection, there would be no insurance coverage to repair your cart should your driver collide into another cart, car, or other property; you would be paying out of pocket.


This coverage would be toward property damage and bodily injury treatments or even death for others, including your passengers,  in the case of a golf cart accident.  With so many golf carts being driven by young children and youth, having golf cart liability insurance protection is vital.   Consider talking with your insurance agent to determine what liability limits would best protect you.


Some states, including certain communities are changing their views on golf carts and may require you to carry insurance and keep a copy of such in your golf cart.  If vacationing in another state, check with your lodging to determine if a policy may be required in the community. 

How To Get Started

Consultative Insurance Group has knowledgeable licensed insurance agents who are able to help walk you through what you need for your golf insuranceContact us today! We are now accepting telephone, in-person or virtual consultations and we look forward to speaking with you!

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