Insurance Highlight:  On The Road with Travel Trailers

Insurance Highlight: On The Road with Travel Trailers

| August 27, 2020
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Let's hit the road

Taking a vacation with your travel trailer gives you the option to carry the comforts of home with you and explore the many national, state, and local parks available.  

With the pandemic of 2020, it is safe to say our travel destinations may have changed a bit.  Initially we were quarantined at home, with a longing to escape! Once the quarantine period was loosened, many people found their way to parks, beaches, and generally speaking, "the great outdoors."  The reintroduction of "the great outdoors" also generated a surge in owning travel trailers, as folks continued to social distance, but also wanted to enjoy a safe vacation space.  What better way than by travel trailer? 

Before you hit the road with your travel trailer: 

  • Often states will require a travel trailer with living space to be titled, registered and plated. There is usually no weight requirement for this license plate. There may be a registration fee (usually nominal) if the travel trailer is pulled behind a vehicle; this fee may be required every two years.  Paid property taxes may be required before you can register the trailer.   Check with your state's requirements before hitting the road. 
  • Travel trailers are similar to RVs as they provide mobile living space; yet travel trailers are designed to be pulled by another vehicle.  
  • Separate insurance is usually not mandatory, as the liability portion follows the vehicle towing the trailer.  Self-insuring the physical damage to the travel trailer is an option.  Keep in mind this means you pay for all physical damage done to the travel trailer, or it gets stolen.  
  • Securing a separate insurance policy on your towed items is encouraged.  Not only are you getting the peace of mind of insurance protection on your travel trailer, but some insurance companies allow you to customize the insurance protection you want/need, for example, roadside assistance/towing, emergency expense coverage.  
  • Keep copies of your insurance and motor vehicle documents together for easy storage.  Consider taking a picture on your smartphone as a backup.  

What insurance companies offer travel trailer insurance?

Great news - Consultative Insurance Group, Inc. is now your one-stop insurance agency. 

We have many carriers and we can shop the best travel trailer insurance for you!

Give us a call:  1.800.886.0305 or contact one of our team to help! 


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