If You Could Work With Anyone - Who Would You Pick?

If You Could Work With Anyone - Who Would You Pick?

| June 11, 2020
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Have you ever considered -- if you could work with anyone -- living or deceased-- who would you pick and why? We presented our team with this question and the answers are quite astounding!

Vickie Williams:  "I think Julia Childs would be nice -- she seemed to always enjoy herself.  The first one that came to mind was Jim Wills.  He always made me feel like I was the best at everything I did.  Even when I screwed something up.  LOL."

Kindra Smith:  "Maya Angelou, just such a multi-dimensional person start to finish.  I have always wanted to just sit and talk with her about her life experiences and perspectives."

Rachel Karaplis:  "I would pick Amelia Earhart, she was always herself and didn't let anyone stop her from achieving her dreams."

Michelle Sharp:  "My Grandpa, Sanford Mesuse, would be the person that I missed the most.  He and I would just talk for hours.  He was a person that would start a conversation with strangers and then tell them what their future would be.  He had a sixth sense.  My Dad, Mickey Eichler, would be a very close second."

Mariela Castillo Couch:  "Miriam showed remarkable bravery.  She protected the defenseless and spoke up boldly for what is right.  She learned to avoid the poison of jealousy and bitterness.  She also accepted correction with humility.  It would be a joy to work with her."

Tammy Holton:  "I would like to work with the younger me! To share my knowledge to the stubborn girl that I was and knowing what I know now could have put me on a different path."

Yvonne Walters:  "Henry Warren, a former boss at Seibels Bruce, comes to mind.  He was always jolly and whistling.  He passed away last year.  I am glad I was able to see him several times before.  He will forever hold a spot in my heart."

Sue Preston:  "The first and foremost would be my Dad.  He taught me at a young age showing me how to do my chores.  He instilled in me pride in everything I did, no matter what that was.  He showed me how important it is to do everything right, to be concerned about doing a job right according to what needed to be done and to give your best.  To do a honest job, to work hard, and to take the time to look at what I accomplished and be happy with the job I did.  That work ethic has stayed with me to this day, and I have shared it with my own children, and helped others in whatever I can, because at the end of every work day, I want others like myself, to feel happy that we have done our best."

Hopefully these answers will help you ponder your own choices -- would it be a family member? Celebrity? Historian? No matter your choice, there would be experiences to share -- and how amazing that would be!

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