How Well Do You Know Your Stuff?

How Well Do You Know Your Stuff?

| June 23, 2020
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Home Property Inventory

The simple definition of a home property inventory is this: it is a detailed list of all items inside your home and outbuildings that you own.

How to create an inventory

These are a few ways in which you can create an inventory of your items.

  • Go room by room and listing each item. Be specific in the details (approximate cost or include receipts, descriptions of each item, serial number, if available, and which room it is located in.)  
  • Make a video of your property in each room – remember to open drawers and closets to record the items. Remember the attic, basement, or contents inside your storage buildings outside. Include a date on your video when taken.
  • Take photographs of the property in each room. Include a date when taken.
  • Utilize a home inventory mobile app. Click here to view "The 7 Best Home Inventory Apps of 2020."

*Remember to review your Home Inventory checklist after yard sales or new purchases.

Where to keep

Once you have completed your home inventory, you will need to store it in a fireproof place. Here are a few options:

  • Forward a copy to your insurance agent to attach to your account.
  • Store in a fireproof container.
  • Give a copy to a family member, preferably one who does not live in the household.
  • Email a copy of it to yourself, set up an e-folder “Home Inventory” and file in folder.

What is the point?

Why would you want to go through the process of creating an inventory? It is very simple. Should your home be destroyed by a covered peril – tornado, hurricane, fire, for example—it is considerably easier to recall what you owned when it is written down or recorded. Your emotional state after losing your home and everything you own, will not be normal.

Preparing a home inventory of your home prior to a claim or the possibility of a claim, is a time saver in the long run. Crowd source the responsibility to family members who live in your household – let the kids help! Whether you utilize this checklist, video/photograph, or an app – having an inventory of your home is a good resource to have available!

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