How To Get A Fabulous Group Benefit Package for Small Business On a Tight Budget

| May 06, 2021
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It is no secret that a global pandemic hit the economy of the United States hard.

The Effect

According to the Small Business Association, job creation tanked in the spring of 2020, rebounded slightly over the summer, and stayed relatively flat throughout the fall for small businesses of all sizes. 


As we move into 2021, over a third of small businesses plan to hire new employees. Business owners may wonder how this is possible with such financial uncertainty in the months ahead.


Group Benefits is key to obtaining and retaining quality employees.   Voluntary benefits fill gaps that most health insurance does not cover. They also do not add to the employer’s bottom line and can be offered in the most conservative financial times.


Voluntary benefits such as Accident, Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Cancer Insurance, Short Term Disability and Hospital Insurance provide financial protection when employer-paid group coverage is not an option. This allows for employees to get rates they would not be able to obtain on the individual market.

Voluntary benefits allow you to customize your coverage, to meet your specific needs.  Premiums can be automatically deducted from your paycheck, and can include you, your spouse, and children. These benefits are paid directly to you, unlike traditional major medical.  You can use them towards co-pays, deductibles or whatever you prefer.


Can’t afford to offer your employee’s dental and vision coverage?  Employee-paid dental and vision options are available.  These plans will however pay the provider directly, helping with a variety of costs, from routine visits to more advanced procedures. 

I Can Help! 

Voluntary benefits offer an affordable means to expanding your employee benefits packageCall me today (440) 235-1442 extension 209 to learn about customizing your employees’ benefit offerings, or request a consultation appointment via our website consultation request form. 

Let's get your business optimized with group benefits! I look forward to learning more about you, your business, and your employees. 

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