Book Review: "The Hero Effect" by Kevin Brown

Book Review: "The Hero Effect" by Kevin Brown

| April 23, 2020
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What Is A Hero?

Everyday-- every moment-- we have an opportunity to be a hero if we choose to be.  What is a hero?  The Dictionary defines a hero as: "A person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities." Seems to be a pretty tall order for the average Joe/Jane! I get the whole visual of someone we put on a pedestal and idolize; they have sustained levels that I would not be able to acquire without significant time and effort.  I felt that way, until I read "The Hero Effect" by Kevin Brown.  Kevin puts a twist on being a hero -- everyone can be a hero to someone, if they choose to be.  (Mind blown!)

Here are just a few of my favorites

"A hero is an extraordinary person who chooses not to be ordinary....You are who you decide to become, and it begins with understanding and believing that you were born extraordinary.  If you become ordinary, it will be your choice." 

Wow.  And to think I was stuck in the superhero mindset of what a hero was -- the cape, the dashingly handsome/beautiful features, the muscles, the keen insight to know how to exceed in every moment, and let's not forget their super human characteristics - flying, the belt of truth, speed, etc. By just believing we are born extraordinary, being a hero is obtainable!

"Heroes help people...with no strings attached. Heroes step up and deliver excellence every single time,..." 

Here is where we can all learn a thing or two about extraordinary persons -- they deliver excellence every. single. time.  Not just on Thursdays.  Not just on Tuesdays.  Not just when they want to.  Not just when it's easy to do so.  Every. Single. Time. 

"It's easy to be kind when everything is going your way....It is incredibly difficult to be weighed down by your problems when you are helping other people get out from underneath theirs."

I don't know about you, but the heroes that come to mind for this statement are healthcare workers, truckers, essential merchants/businesses -- those who, during the pandemic of COVID-19, have put their own lives on hold and are on the frontline.  They are willingly putting themselves at potential risk for the greater good; working long hours with little to no rest; day in and day out, showing up.  Extraordinary people during times of crisis --going into work with a focus on being kind, being happy, being focused, and making a difference for others. 

"I believe that people who care the most about you will hold you accountable to becoming the best version of yourself.  They are not going to buy your excuses.  They won't let you slide by with anything other than the very best version of you. Why? Because they know what's in you. They know what you've got to offer.  Holding people accountable to their talents, gifts, and abilities is what heroes do."

If you have ever worked for family, then you know this one is true.  Who really knows you better than your family?  When I first started out in the insurance business, I worked for my Dad.  If I ever had thoughts that it would be easier to work for family, they were immediately tossed out the window.  My Dad knew the potential I had, and he pushed me/held me accountable for my actions and would absolutely not allow me to slide by in my responsibilities.  Being "the boss's daughter" held no special treatment.  There was no passing off responsibilities, I had to learn the business as did the other non-family members working in his insurance office. 

"Everything and everyone's actions send a message....good, bad, or otherwise....The way you are is the way you choose to be."

Just let that one sit for a bit.  Your body language, your tone, your facial expressions, your words, your lifestyle -- everything is sending a message to those around you.  I knew this, but sometimes, I forget.  Working remotely puts a different twist on sharing ourselves and the experience with others. We may not all have the capabilities to have cameras on our computers to talk to clients or coworkers, and need to be mindful of the tone of our voice.  I used to work in claims and was a telephone adjuster.  That basically means that every interaction I had with our policyholder or claimants was through the telephone.  It was an interesting time, and I learned you can tell a lot about a person just by the tone of their voice.  How we choose to respond, sends a message and sets the tone of the interaction--the ripple effect.

"You decide what your legacy will be.  You decide what will live on after you are gone.  You decide what the story line of your life will be.  The time to unleash the hero within you is now."

This sentence struck me and reminded me that time waits for no one.  Who cares what yesterday looked like - today is a new day - a new start.  Choose to be extraordinary today and from this time forth and see what comes of it!

Target Audience

"The Hero Effect" is hugely impactful for every person -- not just business owners, or those in the business world.  This should be included in every kid's high school/college graduation packet.  The fount of hope and encouragement to choose to be extraordinary within this book is beyond capacity! It is for every man.  It is for every woman.  It is for everyone.  Everyone can find something within its covers to use immediately to utilize in their life. 

Thank you Kevin Brown for this amazing insight and thanks to Kindra and Ron Smith for sharing with our team. 

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