Here's My Secret Sauce for Success in Insurance Claims

Here's My Secret Sauce for Success in Insurance Claims

| September 29, 2021
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If you have ever experienced an insurance claim, you know there can be challenges -- even under the best or ideal situation.  We all want to be fully protected from anything and everything life throws at us. 

This type of thing can bring up the "What Ifs" conversations-- either because someone you know had a claim happen or because you think it might be happening to you.  While these conversations can be helpful, be careful not to fall into a rabbit hole. 


With Consultative Insurance Group, our initial consultation with our clients help us to determine the risks you may be involved in or have the potential to be involved in.  It is best to be upfront about what you have going on -- thus aiding our insurance associates in finding the maximum insurance protection for your insurance dollar. 

Here are a few questions that could potentially have a large impact if a claim were to occur.

  • Do you park your cars at your house? (This could be different if you had children in college, who have one of your cars with them.) 
  • Do you allow other members, who live in your house, to drive your cars?  (Members of your household would have access to your vehicles, and could take them with or without your knowledge.  If involved in an accident, the insurance follows the car, and you could be held responsible.)
  • Are you in the habit of leaving your vehicle parked with the keys in the ignition to run inside a shop for a quick moment? (This one happens pretty frequently.) 
  • Do you have a "Beware of Dog" sign in your yard?  (While this sounds like a good idea, regardless if your dog has a biting history or not, this sign could be a liability versus an asset to keeping your property safe.) 
  • Do you have an electric bike or scooter?  (There may be limitations on your policy as to where liability coverage exists.)
  • Do you own an ATV, UTV, or golf cart?  (There are limitations on your home policy for liability protection if involved in an accident.)
  • Is there a dead tree in your yard?  (If the tree is obviously dead and falls onto your neighbor's property, you are liable for the damage it caused.)
  • Are you doing ride-sharing, food deliveries or loaning out your car?  (If any of these, you need to talk with us as soon as possible!) 

Annual Reviews

Every year, our clients are offered an opportunity to review their insurance coverages with us.  The biggest reason?  We understand life can throw a few curve balls, and your circumstances may have changed since first starting the policy or policies with us.  

  • You may have gotten married -- and have a blended family. 
  • You may have gotten divorced and need to make adjustments on your life insurance beneficiary(ies). 
  • You traded in that hand-me-down car and have bought your first shiny new car. 
  • You started ride-sharing (Uber, Lyft) or delivering food (Uber Eats, Door Dash, InstaCart).
  • Your youngest child got their driver's license. 
  • You renovated your home.  

We want to help you get the right insurance protection every policy term---and these reviews really help us customize your insurance protection with the right insurance company! 


If you are up for some "leisurely" reading, the best place to check out if a claim is covered, not covered, or maybe covered is your policy.  This document was provided to you when you first started your contract with the insurance company.  While it used to be sent out to you in a large mailed envelope, you may have received it via your email instead.  Either way, the place you want to look is the "Exclusions" section.  By reading through it, this may provide some insight to answer your "what if" questions.  

What If We Could Be Your Agency Of Choice?


Seriously, the "What If" game of questions can be helpful, just make sure you don't lose sight of what life exposures you do have and the real-life risks you need protection on. 

If you would be interested in a review now versus waiting until your policy renews, our team of insurance experts are eager and readily available to have that conversation with you. 

You can simply call us, reach out to a team member, drop by one of our office locations or consider scheduling uninterrupted time with a virtual, in-person, or telephone consultation.  We look forward to talking with you! 

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