Getting To Know About Our Christina

Getting To Know About Our Christina

| November 23, 2020
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Although we are one team, we are spread out in different offices and do not always get a moment to stop and get to know one another.  Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing and getting to know a few of our team through a series of 7 questions.  Join us now as we get to know more about our lead generator, Christina Reed.  She is just one of our amazing team! 

7 Question Interview with Christina

Q: What was your favorite job or project?  What was great about it? 

A: I worked for a retail business when I was 16 called U.S. Merchandise.  This was a store that sold electronics, cameras and jewelry.  I interacted with customers and loved it. 

Q: What was great about it? 

A: Meeting new people and helping them find what they needed. 

Q: What do you consider one or two of your greatest accomplishments? 

A: My greatest accomplishment was overcoming objectives and how to deal with them, especially being a lead generator in the insurance industry.  I still have my moments, but overall better. 

What is something you've had to overcome?

A:  I've had to overcome my fear or rejection in my work and am still trying to overcome my need to fix things with family even when it's not in my control.  I've always tried to be the "peacemaker." 

What quality do you most appreciate in others? 

A: I would have to say "honesty" and "caring" is what I appreciate in others.  I've always been an honest person who cares about others before myself. 

What do people get wrong about you? 

A:  Sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble.  I don't always think before speaking and sometimes things come out wrong.  I am very out-spoken (Italian in me), but sometimes need to take a step back. 

Who was someone you really enjoyed working with and what was great about it? 

A: I have been a lead generator for over 28 years and working from home, but I have to say working for Consultative Insurance is the best job I have ever had.  Even though I don't get to have much interaction with the staff, they all treat me wonderful, like part of the family.  I feel blessed working for such a great agency.  Ron and Kindra are the best bosses allowing me to work independently and trusting my judgement.  I just wish I would have met them earlier in my life. 

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? 

A: My superpower would be to be able to make everyone I know happy and healthy with no sadness or illness. And to make sure there is more peace in this country and no more gun violence.  Unsure if that would be a superpower, but that's what I would do.

If you are looking for an insurance agent who will look out for your needs and will shop different insurance companies for you - give us a try!   

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