Getting The RV Ready To Roll

Getting The RV Ready To Roll

| March 01, 2021

Winter is nearing spring with every passing day, and with that comes the itch to emerge and enjoy the outdoors.  Camping brings about the American spirit with it's red and white checked pattern picnic table covering, smores, bonfires, enjoying the crisp, fresh air and family fun.  While it is tempting to just pack up the RV and go, there are a few items to consider a fun-filled trip awaits you versus a mishap and being stranded alongside the highway. 

9 Steps To Get Your RV Trip Ready

Select a nice sunny day to pull out your RV without the worry of rain, sleet or snow to inspect the exterior items of your vehicle. 

  1. Start with your caulking gun and RV compatible sealants. Begin by checking your RV seams for cracking, openings or any obvious sign of damage.  Start from the top and work down.  
  2. Check the RV batteries. Batteries should be fully charged and have the correct water levels.  If you removed during the winter months, ensure to reconnect them carefully.
  3. Wear and Tear.  Inspect your RV tires for cracks and wear, and check the air pressure is the recommended PSI for your RV.  There is no greater spoiler for fun times than an unexpected blown tire en-route to your favorite relaxing spot. 
  4. Flush out the anti-freeze from entire system inside your RV, from the outside shower and every faucet inside.  The water should run clear once all the anti-freeze has been removed.  
  5. Check the propane--the tanks, connections, and valves.  If you are not certain what to look for, have it checked by a professional. Did you know refillable propane tanks have an expiration date? It's true! These refillable tanks must be re-certified for safety and it is a good rule of thumb to check your tanks at least once a year.
  6. Check your RV's fluids.  As it is with a car of truck, checking the fluids is a good idea to keep your RV running smoothly.  Check the transmission fluid, power steering, coolant, oil, windshield wiper fluid, brake fluid, generator oil.
  7. Check your connectors.  If you are hauling a RV, make sure the lights on your RV trailer work.  
  8. Vehicle Registration.  Remember to put the new sticker on your tag, replace your insurance cards, and update your vehicle emissions sticker.  
  9. Wash off the dust.  Once you have checked the operations of your RV, it's time to wash off the winter dust and get it ready to head to your favorite camping spot. 

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