Garaging Address & Your Premium

Garaging Address & Your Premium

| January 21, 2021
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The location of your vehicle is an important feature on your car insurance policy.  It is comparable to what driver(s) reside in your home, who is driving the car and their driving history, the type and age of the car as well as the county you reside in.  All these features and a few more, help determine the rate of premium you pay on auto insurance.   

Location. Location. Location.  

Your home may be in one city, while one or more of our autos are parked or driven in another town. 

Different factors come into play:   

  • Rural areas may have a lower rate than urban areas. 
  • Statistically speaking, there may be less car accidents in rural communities than in a city, due to less cars on the road.   
  • Rural areas may be more animal-involved accidents.   
  • Urban areas have more autos on the road with a greater potential for accidents. 
  • Vehicles parked in a garage may be less prone to vandalism or theft, while those parked in the rural areas or along a street may be stolen more frequently.   


Often when your child goes off to college, they keep their primary mailing address at Mom’s and Dad’s, but their location and the location of their car changes to another location.  This car’s garaging address would need to reflect the college location’s city, county and state to have the right protection.  When and if an auto accident occurs and the garaging address for a car is incorrect, there is the potential of a claim being denied.   

If you have any questions about your account, or would like to receive an auto insurance quote, give us a call or visit any of our office locations.   

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