Does My Homeowner Cover If My Pet Water Buffalo Attacks Someone?

Does My Homeowner Cover If My Pet Water Buffalo Attacks Someone?

| May 13, 2021
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Being insurance agents, we occasionally get those unique situational questions that even cause us to say "I am not sure, but let me look into it and get back to you."  

Home Insurance

Typically a home insurance contract does include liability and medical payments.  This would be helpful if your pet causes injury to someone visiting, or physically damages a neighbor's car or property not owned by the homeowner.

Exotic Pets

The type of pet you have residing on your property and even the state in which you reside can determine if there is insurance protection if someone gets injured. 

While some insurance companies may offer insurance protection should your water buffalo injure someone, others may not. 

If you are considering adding a new four-legged family member which does not include a dog, cat, or domestic animal, it is worth your time and effort to talk with your insurance agent before an incident occurs.  No one wants to hear the words "It's not covered" after an incident! 

Talk With An Agent

If you have a pet of any kind or considering a pet, it is important to talk with your insurance agent to learn if your insurance company provides liability protection if your pet causes injury or bites someone.  Or if your pet needs medical insurance, consider looking into Pet Insurance

Looking for a second opinion or need to talk your unique situation through, give Consultative Insurance Group a call or schedule a virtual or in-person consultation with one of our  knowledgeable associates.  

Was that really a question?

"Does my homeowner cover if my pet water buffalo attacks someone?" 

Yes!   It was in fact a question we received!   

If you have a question, ASK!  Let us get the answer for you! 

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