Disaster Aftermath Brain Teaser: How's Your Memory?

Disaster Aftermath Brain Teaser: How's Your Memory?

| April 15, 2021

Who needs a home inventory? Anyone who owns or rents a residence. 

All residences are at risk for fire, flood, weather disaster and theft.  Even insurance agents can experience a fire or disaster --- just ask me about my kitchen fire! (Who knew I had 11 cans of tuna?!?)

Your Stuff aka Personal Property 

Your homeowners, condo or tenants/renters insurance policy provides coverage for personal property. 

Shake It Out

An easy way to determine if your items are personal property (contents) – imagine shaking your residence – the stuff that falls out is personal property.  Example: If a microwave is built into the cabinet it is part of the dwelling.  If microwave is on the kitchen counter, it is personal property.

Adult Memory Game  

Do you really know what items are in drawers, cabinets and closets? Most people remember furniture, appliances and electronics, but what about linens, tools, jewelry, clothing, makeup, socks…?

Keep The Guessing To A Minimum

After a fire or other major claim event, emotions are high, and it is difficult to remember what is missing or destroyed. The stress, emotion, and shock from the event, the potential need to move to temporary housing, and overall disruption from a normal routine--all can greatly impact your memory.

Home Inventory

Creating a Home Inventory can be done several ways, and should include interior contents of residences, garages, detached structures (shed, pool house, etc.) and rented storage units.

One of the insurance companies we represent as an Independent Agency, is Nationwide.  Check out the video on one of the ways to create a home inventory, and keep your home inventory organized, and updated.

We Can Help

At Consultative Insurance Group, we offer annual opportunities to review your personal property insurance and make sure your current insurance meet your needs.  We also offer online shopping opportunities for you to quote renters, home, condo and/or auto insurance 24/7 and/or request a time it is convenient to experience our consultative approach to insurance.  Give us a call today -- our team is here for you --- and we can help you get the maximum protection for your insurance dollar!