Contact Our Team:  E & O

Contact Our Team: E & O

| June 01, 2020

It's not about professionalism, training, or years of experience. 

It's about human nature.  Mistakes happen to the best of us.  Is there an insurance coverage that protects mistakes? Errors and Omissions Insurance is a form of professional liability. This coverage protects companies, their employees, and other professionals against claims of negligent actions or mistakes.    

Insurance agents and brokers, doctors, lawyers, architects and financial planners are just a few who need this coverage. Errors and Omissons (E & O) covers legal fees and costs arising from any errors or omissions the company or employees make which results in a significant loss for a client of their business. This coverage does not cover illegal, dishonest, or maliciously intentional acts.

The best time to get insurance is when the business is just beginning.

How much protection does your business need? As much as you can afford. Many businesses carry more than 2 million dollars of coverage up to 5 million dollars.

We can help you to determine the best coverage for your business, contact our experienced specialists today: 1.800.886.0305.

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