Confessions of No-Obligation Zany Tips for Beautiful Restful Sleep

Confessions of No-Obligation Zany Tips for Beautiful Restful Sleep

| April 08, 2021
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Overexterted.  Fog brain.  Typing mispelled words.  Caffeine not doing its job.  Forming complete sentences challenging.  If any of these statements sound familiar, welcome to my world Monday.  Seriously made for a trying day filled with unnecessary challenges, and all due to not listening to my body when it claimed it needed a nap on Sunday.  I thought just vegging in a chair watching a movie and snacking on some popcorn was plenty of rest.  Resting and sleeping are not the same. 

Are You Average? 

The average adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep.  (While you may excel in less than 7, that's great!) We are talking what our bodies need to function at the optimum level.  In fact, I know I personally require 8 hours of sleep to be at my best the next day.  While I can function on less, and can push my body to great lengths on just 5 hours of sleep (example, packing and unpacking a large Uhaul) -- my body requires more sleep to help combat the exhaustion levels in the following days.  

When Enough Is Enough

Determining what amount of sleep you require is easy -- you may not require any caffeine, sweets, or any substitutes to aid in your completing work or household tasks.  You feel awake and energized -- ready to tackle the day.  If you find you have to resort to substitutions to help get your energy up, perhaps there is a greater underlying reason (like a habit, or caffeine/sugar addiction). 

Sleep Aids

While I usually do not require any sleep aid assistance other than my normal morning workout, there are plenty of folks who do.  I've heard Melatonin can be helpful, though I have not personally tried it.  I would suggest talking with your primary doctor about safe options for sleep aids before going off on your own.  

Training A Busy Brain

Here's a tip when your brain just will not stop talking to you.  (If you have ever experienced "busy brain" at night, you know what I'm talking about!) Or, no matter how many sheep you count, you cannot find sleep.  When my brain gets the "busy brain" I have a little trick that can help with practice.  It's called "the white board"--- literally picture in your mind's eye a white board with nothing on it.  Keep mentally focusing on "seeing" the empty white board and do not let your mind wander to other topics.  If it does, go back to visually "seeing" the whtie board.  It does take practice, and sometimes a bit of prayer too, to get the busy brain to chill out, but it will eventually help you with intentional focusing.  


Every once in a blue moon, this beast comes over to play.  Let's face it, it is terrible.  While I do not have the home remedy for this one, talk with your doctor about options, or consider taking in no caffeine after 3:00 P.M. (yes, that includes chocolate!) and eat a light meal for dinner.  Instead of soda, switch to drinking a few glasses of water (and no, you will not be up half the night in the bathroom).  Reduce your screen time (TV, tablet, Kindle, Phone) and turn off your electronic devices an hour before bedtime.  Pick up a book and read a chapter.  Listen to white noise or soothing music.  Do a few yoga poses or stretches.  Set a bedtime schedule and try to keep consistent every other night until it becomes a habit.  

Take Away

What tips offered are you willing to try to improve yourself? Not ready to tackle all of them? That's okay, select one and focus on making it into a good habit.  Then move on to the next.  The important aspect of this article is you -- you are worth the effort to be the best you can be.  While everyone is talking exercise and diets, remember sleep is a huge part of the equation.   FYI:  Taking adult sleep to the extreme--consistently overachieving the average required sleep--may not be good for your body either!  Remember:  Good habits take time to perfect.  Rome wasn't built in one day! Happy Sleeping! 

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