Confessions About Ways Of Improving Your Insurance Results

Confessions About Ways Of Improving Your Insurance Results

| August 26, 2021

Not all insurance companies or agencies are alike.  While it is true that we offer contracts of protection for you and your family, each insurance agency may be able to shed some light on benefits, discounts, new coverage, and even offer objective insurance education suggestions for you to consider.  Working with an insurance agent or agency may be beneficial versus handling your insurance protection online.   

Benefit One

Consultative Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency.  The benefit to you is we have access to more insurance companies -- and are able to shop multiple insurance rates to get the best insurance protection for your insurance dollar. 

Our agency specifically, is customer-driven--meaning through our consultative process, we listen to your unique situation and then tailor the best available insurance solutions for you.  Should the second best solution be the only option available, for example, if you have a speeding ticket on your driving record.  We will set a reminder to revisit your policy rates prior to your policy renewal -- particularly if the violation has fallen off of your driving record--and shop new policy rates for you.  

Benefit Two

Our agency works hard to make everything we do for you, efficient and effective. 

We are experienced risk management professionals and provide the best customized value for your personal insurance, farm insurance, business insurance, and/or group health benefit needs and budget.

What is a risk manager? At Consultative Insurance Group, if you have talked with any of our team, you have spoken with a risk manager.  Our job is to look objectively at the "big picture" for you and the potential risks -- what could go wrong -- and find solutions through the appropriate insurance protection to minimize, remove or transfer the risk to you, your business, your farm, your life, your employees.  Having an insurance agent who is able to provide an objective conversation is a benefit.  They can provide insight you haven't considered and are able to offer solutions you may not have considered. 

Benefit Three

Consultative Insurance Group provides the expertise and product selection you need.  From the beach to the boardroom, the field to the front office or the tractor to the trusses, we are your one-stop personal insurance, life insurance, farm insurance, agribusiness Insurance, business insurance, bonding and group health benefits solution. 

We have been around since 1978 and have the experience and knowledgeable team to help you get the protection you deserve.  Our agency has grown from servicing Ohio and South Carolina, and has increased to include 14 other states in addition to our original ones. 

Benefit Four

We want to keep you up-to-date.  Every quarter, our agency shares an e-newsletter providing our clients of changes within our agency and changes in the insurance industry, which may effect them.  Common themes include: 

  • Featured Business Partners  (clients who offer a service -- farmers markets, car repairs, florists, contractors, entertainment, education, restaurants, attorneys, and much more!) 
  • Insurance Coverage Highlights (elaborating on questions received from clients)
  • New Insurance Protection (like the pay-per-mile programs that came about during the pandemic, and Pet Insurance
  • Changes in the Insurance Industry (with many staying home in 2020, homeowner claims increased, while auto claims decreased)
  • Our Agency Team Changes (Introduction of new people and/or retirement notifications of familiar faces)

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