Bulbs, Grasses, Flowers & More!

Bulbs, Grasses, Flowers & More!

| October 22, 2020
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I do not know if you are like me, but I seriously enjoy daydreaming about the flowers that will eventually grow in my garden.  Just walking through a well-stocked greenhouse or browsing through a bountiful flora catalog, or a good Southern Living magazine garden-scape, inspires me! 

Springtime is just around the corner

Can you believe in just a few months, Spring will arrive with first a crocus or two, then an array of daffodils will emerge with their bright floral colors and scents! Personally, I can hardly wait! 

Did you know we offer Flora partners? 

Consultative Insurance Group features several flora business insurance partners --- in both SC, OH and even other states!  We like to do business with those who do business with us and to introduce our clients to each other, thereby nurturing those meaningful relationships in ways that are mutually beneficial to us all.  We encourage your visit our Partner pages and explore each of the categories -- and reach out! 

Multiple States:  

Bluestone Perennials, (800) 852-5243, or visit online.

Ohio Partners:

Donald A Schuster Greenhouse, Elyria (440) 322-0613, or visit online.

Schuster's Westview Gardens, Olmsted Falls (440) 235-2400, or visit online. 

South Carolina Partners: 

Fraylick Farms, Travelers Rest  (864) 363-6496, or visit online.

Interested in gardening, but....? 

Perhaps the physical aspect of gardening does not thrill your soul, if this is true for you, consider following Melissa's blog with Fraylick Farms.  She provides helpful information to the home gardener, in addition to providing pictures of the loveliest flora in the South! She inspires me greatly, but alas my dreams of successfully growing Foxglove in my own garden have been put to the side, since my planting zone is not a good home for them.  

Want to create the illusion of being a good gardener? Have one of Bluestone Perennials flora catalogs on your coffee table -- impress your friends! Learn helpful tips, such as bloom time -- Spring, Summer or Fall, which plants prefer sun or shade, learn the plant symbols such as deer resistant (very helpful in my area, since the deer ate our hosta and day lilies down this year), and what zone your garden is located in.  Their catalogs are beautiful to browse, ponder, and enjoy. 

Although Schuster's Westview Gardens is closed for the winter season, they are already planning for their reopening in April 2021.  Consider starting small with a plant or two in pots, or a hanging basket -- or consider checking out their statuary selection.  A lovely birdbath would be a nice addition to your garden for your feathered friends to enjoy.  

Wondering what to do as we progress into fall? Donald A. Schuster's greenhouse offers an alternative to spring flowers right now -- try pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, straw bales and cornstalks, baked goods, fall crafts, home décor items, and all that you need to create a lovely fall design inside your home or in your garden.  

Garden Well My Friends

As we continue into the fall/winter season, I will continue to plan and strategize my garden!  Even though we have mostly shade, white clay soil, and are in Zone 8a, there is hope.  We may have to put in more raised beds, but with each passing season it brings me closer to my garden of my dreams! Happy gardening! 

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